Recently an article published by guardan.co.uk about the WELL PAID JOBS in UK, they have mentioned six jobs along with the complete description and detail. It was quite interesting to know these facts. Though the report was presenting the data of UK based jobs but it really developed our interest to prepare a list of some well-paid professions in Pakistan.

 We know that people might get agree or disagree with our findings but we always encourage our readers to come with their criticism or positive feedback. Every opinion will be highly regarded.
1)      Charted Accountants- we can keep it on top due to supply and demand issue, normally people feel it super tough so no one takes risk to jump in this field  eagerly and those who plunge themselves into the depth of this field and don’t leave it in the middle, are enjoying the handsome amount of salary.
2)      Petroleum Engineers – Some Multi National oil companies developed highly paid opportunities for relevant engineers due to the extended field jobs.

3)      MBAs from LUMS – All well established National and Multi National companies always prefer MBAs from LUMS for their Marketing, Supply chain, HRM etc. It may be due to not having an equally standard institution that’s why they always keep IBA and LSE graduates as second option. Due to the quality education and having immense confidence in their abilities, LUMS graduates always prefer to get inducted in any company with handsome package.
4)      Language expertise (Mainly English or Chinese) – Multipurpose jobs including media, call centers and as a translator etc
5)      Teaching expertise at Secondary/Higher secondary/A/O Levels – People who have ability to teach certain science subjects at these levels, they have established academies and earning very well through tuition fee with six to eight hours classes schedule on daily basis through different student groups.
We wish to have this list improved upon your feedback.

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