Facebook browsing has become very common among people from almost every age, sex, location, caste and creed etc. It is known as social media where you can share or see anything openly in your friend list or anywhere on Facebook if you have been authorized by the owner of that particular post or page. Our concern is not to highlight the positive or negative use of Facebook, we just want to bring one important point into notice which is being ignored or overlooked by many people. Some of us may open our Facebook account while sitting in the toilets just to kill our time, it might be a good activity for this purpose but do we ever realize that while open up our accounts sometimes we see some sacred words (Quranic verses and hadiths), holy locations or items in the form of different images, do we think it is appropriate to see such things in the toilets even if we don’t have any intentions or if we pass them through quickly.
Many people may not agree with this point but still we should think twice and respect everything which are being respected by us in our daily routine life. Below are few examples of such images which we may see while scrolling down our Facebook page so we should avoid using Facebook in such areas if we are sure that people in our friend list can share or post such things.

Our purpose is just to create an awareness for an issue which is not even in discussion ever but if we respect something by heart then we should save ourselves for being disrespectful for all those things and let our friends know as well if they are doing it unintentionally.

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