Pakistan is not the only country whose citizens are either well settled or trying to be settled in UK from many years but also there are many expatriates from different under develop or developing countries who have not only proved themselves in different fields in UK but also  being encouraged by local citizens. They are either doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs or students. Due to their extraordinary skills, hard work and determinations they have made themselves as an example for the people behind in their native countries. They are also supporting their families as well as playing an important role to boost up the economies of their home countries in different ways.
We should not bring the patriotism in this whole scenario because the talented people are always being encouraged by any nation and it is the right of every citizen to look for the better opportunities always if he is not being motivated, provided with the right platform to polish his skills or not getting the right benefits in return then despite being suppressed or demoralized, he must opt the right place where not only his work will be acknowledged but he can also get the true benefits and necessities in return for rest of his life. Although there have been few illegal immigrants whose illegal stay or activities make their countrymen ashamed but the brighter side always overlook the acts of such dirty sheep’s. 
Reason behind we are trying to portray the positive image of such expatriates because they must not be demoralized with the recent report published on internet about the “most hated countries by the British citizens”.  According to this ranking which mainly reflects the thoughts of the few Britishers associated with the recent conflicts or terrorist activities in those countries which have been kept on top. Like, Russian conflict with Ukraine, Israel air attacks on innocent Palestinians, North Koreans and Iranians interests to enter into the nuclear race etc but the most disturbing thing for Pakistan is the recent attack on Children at Army public School in Peshawar.

Below are the top most unfavorable countries by British people.
1. Russia
2. North Korea
3. Israel
4. Iran
5. Pakistan
6. Ukraine
7. Nigeria
8. Saudi Arabia
9. Turkey
Our aim is not to criticize or counter this ranking but we want our Government to take serious steps which will not only help to improve our image internationally but also all our expatriates will feel much proud to be called Pakistanis around the world.

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