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By Maria B

Zaid Ali is famous due to his short funny clips on YouTube and Facebook but recently we have seen one of his video in which he showed a serious and most sensitive matter of our society. We want to appreciate him due to not only for this extraordinary effort but also to get raised the awareness through this brilliant dramatization of this issue.

We can not give blame to the whole society just because of few people who are involved in such activities but its a time to get people realized that what bad they do, may mirror to them in the same action what they had been doing for others. 

A simple lesson that teasing someone’s sister on the way does not mean only you may face your own sister one day unintentionally but it is obvious that if you can not stop doing this then don’t expect that others will not do the same with your sister. We are the part of this society and we are the one who are responsible to make it good or bad so must learn the positive things out of such true incidents because our acts represent our society and ultimately our nation.

Lastly we want Zaid Ali to keep on spreading awareness for such serious issues because there are so many others which need immediate attention.

Watch the original video.