This is an important message for all the girls who usually travel through Taxi or Rikshaw, though this is not the guaranteed way to keep you safe but still this is one of the best precautionary methods which every girl should opt before travelling. Now-a-days almost every girl has a cellfone and internet facility so there must not be shown any hesitation or leniency by the girls in doing this. This is for your own safety. Also it will get the driver more cautious as well as give some extra relief to your parents back at home.

Many people might be disagree with this method because in some areas, people can consider it unethical or taxi driver might feel it insult for their character because in this scenario we have to see all through one eye but just think for a moment, whenever something bad happens in such cases, people used to say “shakal se tu nahe lagta tha”, if we have a technology then why shouldn’t we use it for positive purpose. When people get used to it, nobody will bother what is being done. In countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, this must be considered a positive use of technology and should be encouraged until the government makes arrangements like what we see in UK / EU or USA etc. We can also see the use of CCTV cameras which is increasing day by day, although some negative uses have been observed but in most of the cases, this is really helpful.

We should respect women and those who respect them so any positive awareness from anyone should be encouraged and if anyone else has any better option, should bring it up. We will appreciate it as well…

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