Blogging is not a business, it is passion.

The word blogging is gotten by adding the suffix ‘ging’ to the word ‘blog’ which was gotten by truncating the word ‘weblog’, an informational and interactive site published on the worldwide web consortium. Blogging therefore is the regular update by way of ‘posts’ of weblogs.

Blogging became a global phenomenon in recent times because of the digitization of many activities to the internet. But many a times bloggers fail to keep up with updating their blogs or taking it to a higher level because of some factors, the most important of which is the driving force. People took blogging as a business, a way to earn money. The proper way to harness the potentials of blogging is by making it a means to promote your business first, generate a customer base then use the opportunity to earn money. An important question to ask yourself as a blogger is what is the blog going to do for your business? What will be my driving force? And how do I keep it moving? It involves a lot of hard work and dedication at the initial phase and the success or its failure depends largely on the driving force.
The following points should be kept in check when managing a blog so as to keep up with the latest trends and keep the fire burning.
·  Poor writing by way of grammatical mistake and or spelling errors should be avoided as it keeps visitors and customers alike at bay.
·  Conversing: your write ups should be conversing with your readers in a way that will inspire actions and comments; this will go a long way in attracting customers to your site.
·  Write about people: your write ups, whether on digital marketing, fashion, movies, games or food items should be basically about people and what they stand to gain or lose from the topic under discussion.
·  Direction: blogging should be with strategy and direction; you should be clear focused on a particular niche. Let your readers know what they will gain from your posts.
·  Be unique: stay true to your niche and ideals of blogging, avoid derailing to unnecessary topics in the name of attracting visitors.
With passion you can build your blog around your business culture, it will help build you a strong and reliable customer base but the question to ask here are, what are those qualities needed to promote a blog purely on passionate basis; first and foremost is ideas then keeping date with calendar, valuable and engaging contents, content optimization and lastly be success driven not just survival.
To cap it all before you jump to blogging for business, know that you have to blog to generate a customer base first and that can only be achieved when you do it base on what you are passionate about because you need a driving force, one of the hallmarks of a successful blog is third party advertisers and sponsors. It is not a get rich quick scheme and what you need to keep you going is the passion because you may encounter set-backs, pitch-falls and therefore there is the need to make huge sacrifices. Stick to what you love doing, carve a niche for your blog, build a community around your blog and don’t forget to promote your blog posts as well. Good luck with your blogging career.

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