How clinical pharmacists are playing an important role in the modern health care system?

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By Maria B

Pharmacy is the technique or rather we can say is a science of preparing medicines and various drugs that are used in our day to day life to treat various disease or disorder. It is a profession which bonds the chemical science with science and has the main goal to provide safe and effective pharmaceutical drugs. The procedure is very tough as one has to add a proper amount of each substance to make a drug or mixture that will be effective on any random person with low or high reaction to a particular drug. Financially the cost to make each drug is more but substitutes are used instead of using the original substances which will reduce the cost and make purchasable for the common people.
A good amount of practice is a must to make a mixture or any kind of drug. This is achieved by prior knowledge about the drugs being used and its reaction with different substances. A pharmacists has to look about various health affairs such as mental health, environmental health, oral health counseling about STDs(Sexually Transmitted Diseases),Chronic disease and various nutrition counseling. Beside all this the pharmacist has to look  at the hospital management where he plays a role of an administrator and handles the complete hospital and to take care about the various activities that happens inside an organization.

The clinical pharmacy takes into consideration all the actions that are executed by any pharmacist working in hospitals, nursing home,  private clinics, etc. The main aim is to diminish the disease caused to any person by taking all the necessary measures within a fixed duration of time. Any mistake in suggestion will cause death or more serious condition. The patient first visit to a doctor and after looking at the symptoms the doctor suggest him some medicine or drug and here the clinical pharmacist plays a main role in communicating with the patients and verify with them the drug which he or she is going to consume.
There are various levels of actions that a clinical pharmacist takes some are as follows :
The pharmacist check the drugs completely before suggesting it to any patient, apply various formulas, check previous results and make new research on various substances.
During the prescription period the pharmacist monitors the activities that takes place inside our outside the body or we can say the reaction that takes place and if the desired results are not obtained then one can alter the amount of dose or the drug itself. After the prescription the pharmacist can make and publish his/her own formula or drug which has successfully worked for treating any particular disease and can make further modifications too.
Most of the clinical pharmacists have a Doctor of pharmacists degree which helps them to practice a number role like communication and counseling of the patient and preventing any kind of error in medication along with prescribing right drug to the patient.  The future of pharmacist in the coming future will be more into health care rather than just counseling and communication with the patient.  There must be exams that might get conducted which will be a detailed one about all the substances and a medical shops where there will be a senior pharmacist who takes care about all the requirements of various drugs.