Seven common mistakes visual merchandisers do and how can they keep themselves away from these errors ?

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By Maria B

     Below are some common errors which Visual merchandisers normally do.
1.   Fault in photography: Low quality photograph will not help you to get good response from the retailer or any other person who is buying your product as it is the key to attract bunch of people towards you and by putting some good efforts in photography things can turn in your favour. By considering factors such as contrast, lightening, brightness, etc and getting those in a proper amount will enhance your picture quality.
2.   Clean background and surface: Busy backgrounds make your picture dirty because the background will take the buyers eyes away from the product and his interest in that product will eventually decrease and therefore a blur background will make a trick for you.
3.   Unorganised presentation: Customer is only going to buy your product if he/she finds the required details in a proper format and for that you need to present it in a proper way sub-features and other similar things can lower the interest of the buyer from the product.
4.   Poor efforts in selling: This is the main factor which will decide whether your product will be a hit or not because you should have got some tricks with you to impress the retailer or buyer and should be more focused in explaining the reason about why this is the best product from the rest that are available in the market.
5.   Improper product details: The person must have the complete detail about the product along with its advantage and disadvantage over other products.
6.   Poor selection of model: Here the model which is going to represent the product has to be exactly similar.
7.   Poor selection of prop: The prop that will be used with the product has to match the concept and if it is not related to the product than the buyers will not get attracted towards the product.
For proper visual merchandising these errors should be avoided so that there will be no effect to the product being merchandise.