Here are some tips which I have learnt through my experiences in life.
1) Avoid being a part of company where people discuss about people only, you will get nothing to discuss what others have and why? They deserve or not? , you have been blessed by God with your own abilities so explore them and make a positive use of your abilities and precious time. You will get more comfort in your life.
2) Never try to be oversmart, it may give you benefit or appraisal for a current moment but when you will be judged with the passage of time for your true abilities, you will be started getting wrong impressions and behavior from people, that may ruin your life or will keep you unsatisfied all the time.
3) Keep balance in your love with your parents, wife and children, it will keep your family happy and so you will get happiness in return as well.
4) Don’t make too many friends, keep two or three but trustworthy, honest and loving.
5) Always spend a little portion of your earned money on you,  it will give you the feeling of joy and keep you more motivated in your work.
In the end, I will suggest you guys to keep doing something different in your life , something different from your current job/business, like I am an apparel graduate, working as a merchandising manager in one of the best denim company but in my spare time I do blogging for this blog ( , it takes my extra time but gives me some comfort because on every day I read something different, learn something new.
Authored By HMS Khalid
Sohaib Khalid is the founder of “ThinkLikeGiant”. He is an Apparel Merchandiser and have been working for Denim companies and brands since 2008. He loves blogging that’s why started this blog with the aim to share his knowledge and experiences for the people associated with his field as well as for general public.
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