How people are being attracted through excellent food presentations in different parts of the world?

When it comes to food most of us prefer hygienic and the one which is presented really well even if we had to give some extra money for it. You won’t compromise with the quality of food and visit a good restaurant for a lunch or dinner, but what makes a food more attractive? The taste obviously, but beside this, we also give much importance to the way it is presented and attracts anyone easily. It is only the presentations that give the final touch to any dish and make you feel hungry. Now talking about presentation whenever a chef is processing any dish he makes sure that it is well modified and for that he garnishes it with some simple and edible stuff that makes sense to the tongue and to the dish too.

Some of the foods are moulded using circular or other shapes and make it look neat and clean the most being done is the rice. Colors and shape are also used to present any dish, for example, sea-foods or meat and such other things are well presented with two or three colors which helps them to sparkle and make it looks alive and the use of vegetables which are being shaped can be used in the plate too.

The plate should be balanced what it means is, if the plate is over packed with food it will look messy whereas if the plate is large and the quantity of the food will look skimpy and the reason why you should have a proper balance between the food and the plate that is being used. The temperature at which the food is served also plays an important role. Some stencils are also used to decorate the food and make it look more attractive and nowadays edible pencils are used to decorate cakes and other bakery products.

    Talking about the food let’s take some examples of the dishes that are famous worldwide

1.    Canada is famous for its poutines which are made up of fries or potato wedges(sometimes) garnished with some melted cheese and peri peri to add some spice.
2.    The USA is famous for their hamburger which is made up of veggies, cheese, patties and some other spices.


3.    Italy is known for their pasta which are made up of wheat noodles and boiled. It is thereafter processed with different sauces and veggies to give the final touch.


4.    Japan is maybe known for their sushi but their national dish is Ramen which is a noodles soup with added sushi and other vegetables.


5.    Crepe which is a thin pancake is all time favourite in France which is made up of a thick butter and served with cream and ice-cream.


6.    Who can forget about tacos which are famous in Mexico and made up of corn or wheat tortilla which is the covering and is being stuffed with chicken, pork, cheese, etc?


7.    India is well-known for its use of spices and flavours and has many dishes famous across the world some of them are pav-bhaji, Dosas, Punjabi, Rasgulla, etc.


Every country has a different taste and different dish which is loved by the locals out there and when presented with some proper ingredients and spices will give a taste which other might won’t and thus the presentation of the food is a must.

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