Most corrupted cities of the world and how travellers can save themselves while visiting those areas?

Before getting into the list of those countries who are the most corrupted or support corruption across the globe let us discuss what is corruption? Let us talk about corruption, It is the misuse of power for any kind of private gain, but why does it occur? May be due to make things easy for themselves avoiding any kind of discomfort caused to them. Corruption occurs because of self-interest. e.g., if my son wants an admit in a good medical college but is not meeting the required criteria of the admission process then I might go for corruption and find someone who takes bribe and does the admission process without anyone knowing this not even the principal of the college. But doing this will create a problem for the one who deserve to get admitted there and couldn’t get it because bribe has been offered or rather political power has been used.

There are almost numerous types of corruption occur throughout the globe. Maybe this is why poor people are becoming more poor and thus eventually causing numbers of death because the one who is in the proper age of working for his family is without a job and could not fulfil the requirements of the family.
Now let’s talk about the most corrupted cities in the world

 1- Somalia ranks 174 out of 174 countries and earned a score of 8 out of 100.
Somalia is the world’s most corrupt country and it came into existence when the US and the USSR us this place as a battleground. In 2005 Liberia was on 137th rank in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index while Somalia was on 144th but by 2009 Liberia managed to climb up on 97th while Somalia slipped on 180th and recorded the world’s most corrupt country. Though both of them tried their level best to improve the situations the one used its own country’s resources for self-enrichment and thus results that one improved its condition while other deteriorates to the core. Somalia has no such thing called as government to look at the country’s affair. It can prove dangerous for independent travellers due to conflicts between government and other armed forces and those who are going for a business trip or any other kind of profession must take an expert guide also the US government has issued warning before travelling here and its totally unsafe.
2. North-Korea is the second most corrupted country of the world and it’s been paralyzed by it due to political and bureaucratic system from 1990 and once you are inside it you get captured and finally you end up paying heavy bribes to get out of it. According to the recent reports it is considered as the safest tourist destination in the world and you are likely to get in trouble only if you start criticizing their government or leaders and by following some rules and regulations given by your guide you could enjoy to the fullest. While before capturing anything you should take permission and then you are ready to go.
3. Afghanistan (Kabul) comes on 3rd for being the one of the major corruption source and in a survey that has been conducted gave a result that corruption is the 3rd biggest problem after insecurity and unemployment. This is too mainstream for the people leaving there and they made it a part of their living. It is the most dangerous place to visit due to frequent war like conditions and have surrounded by Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and, Tajikistan There is a short border with China too. So one should avoid going to this place.
4. Sudan is on 4th in this list getting independence in 2011 it is one of the world’s youngest country and sadly due to conflicts about 2.5 million died. Due to its heavy production of oil most of the government revenue came from this source but lost more due to public corruption. Tourist attractions are wild-life hunting and several sea and lakes along with fishing but a certificate of vaccination is required against yellow fever provided you are travelling from an infected area. Precautions should be taken against malaria and typhoid.
5. Myanmar produce good amount of oil and other natural resource but turned out to be a curse for the world due to drugs and corruption and in recent years anti-corruption laws have been applied.  Due to strict Buddhist culture it is one of the safest developing country to visit for travellers. Pickpockets are the most common thing that happens along with that some borders areas are dangerous.

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