How to choose the relevant topic for your niche which can boost your blog traffic as well.

Writing is an art and when it comes to the blogging, it becomes technical because bloggers need to keep their niche always into consideration while choosing any topic to write on as well as to keep alive the relation with their loyal readers throughout their contents.

How to choose the relevant topic for your niche

Well, I am not going to discuss about shinning tools and techniques of topic selection because these are just few clicks away and you just need to give the relevant keywords to google search engine and limitless results will appear in a second but here in fact I will be sharing my own experience which did not only prove to be successful for my blog but also I am pretty sure that it will make your efforts fruitful as well in your blogging career.

When I started this blog, I had the lot of questions regarding blogging and among all, topic selection was one of the biggest challenge because I wanted to bring on something new or creative which will have a positive message for the people related to my field of work as well as for general public but I was a bit confused and used to ask below questions at different platforms like..

How to choose the topic for any particular niche?

How can be the research done as well as how to get arranged the relevant material to write on for the selected topics?

And many other similar questions, believe me I used to get the same kind of tips and tricks which I could find through search engines as well.


Initially I started writing on random topics but soon I realized that I am squeezing list of my readers by myself because in blogging you first need to build a relation with your loyal readers first who will not only keep reading your thoughts and ideas but also their valuable inputs will bring a lot more other readers as well which will help you to increase your blog traffic and ultimately earning as well J

Keeping my field of study and work into consideration I started with the niche (Apparel/Textile/Marketing/Merchandising) and again all these are broader fields but I was not going to write something technical for these subjects in fact I had the aim to share my own experiences which as a merchandising manager I learnt through travelling and meeting with my clients as well as through people related to my field directly or indirectly.

It is just a matter of jolting your mind and keeping a deep eye for the events and happenings in your surroundings, you will get a lot of things which your blog is demanding from you and yes when I took this initiative I suddenly observed many areas where my fellow merchandisers/marketer need some knowledge as well as through different events which had been part of my life and with the the help of them, I could extend my trust and working relation with my customers.

So I decided to choose and write on the topics which are equally important for everyone, here I am just giving you two examples. Seeing my blog, you will notice a lot of general topics but behind every topic there is a reason which was the source of my encouragement to write on for that specific topic.


Every merchandiser or marketer meet with different people locally and internationally and same thing happens with me, one day we had a meeting with our American client and once we got free and started with routine gossips, one of my fellow colleagues asked them “Why Americans don’t love cricket like baseball ?” and it was the complete silent because no one was able to give the answer except his own personal opinions in general but here I got my topic to write on because I knew this is something which everyone wants to know the answer so why shouldn’t I do some research and write on it.

Yes, this topic blast and boosted my blog traffic and as evidence you can see that it has become the most popular article of my blog whereas it has nothing related to my niche directly.

I also wrote about “Lake Saif-ul-Malook” because it was some recreational trip which was arranged by our company, we enjoyed a lot and I took some amazing pictures for this heavenly beautiful place, when we returned I posted all those pictures on my blog with a little detail and share the link of my post with all my customers and friends and believe me it became another hit which has not been adding visitors to my blog daily but also it helped me to give positive image of my country to my international clients as well.

Let me conclude this article where I must say in the end, if you have entered into this blogging career then you should always focus on your niche and if you have something to write on any general topic then never forget to add some essence for your loyal readers into it because they believe and trust in you for what you write and that will be something in favor of them.

Finally keep reading and always be the part of different platforms, it will not help you to get the more knowledge but will also give you lot of ideas and topics for your blog.

One of the best platform is Quora which I can suggest you all, I got to know about this through my brother Hassam Ahmed Awan (founder of bloggingehow), This is the platform where people can ask about anything and can give his/her answer or advise on any topic as well,  you can get so many ideas for the topics of your particular niche on which people are inquired to know about in detail and if you are interested to know that how can you earn money through this platform then must read below article written by Hassam brother.

Hope my experience may help my brothers and sisters, looking forward to get your feedback.

The idea behind this article has been derived from the facebook group ASKHASSAM Making bloggingsimpler where one brother asked the relevant question and author had given the detailed answer for which he had been awarded “Honourable mention for the week” by the admin of this group.

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