Top five textile and apparel testing companies of the world

Any denim material is declared of a good quality if it is thick and stretchable so that anyone can fit in but before that it must pass a number of tests in a testing laboratory so as to be made available for the processing of jeans. There are numbers of laboratories that are reputed worldwide for their testing and the optimal results that they provide for that particular sample and some of the topmost laboratories are as follows:
1. SGS(formerly Société Générale de Surveillance) is one of the world’s best laboratories for inspection, verification, testing and certification which is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Almost around 1,800 offices are handled over by around 85,000 employees. The work in different industries like agriculture, automotive, chemical, construction, consumer goods, energy, oil and gas, etc. The company joined RE100 in 2015 a global group of companies which aims to generate energy completely from renewable resources.

2.Bureau Veritas is also a global company that is specialised in performing testing and inspection. There are almost around 1,400 offices worldwide and located in 140 countries providing employment to 66,000 employees. They are also leading in industries like aerospace, mining, chemicals, agriculture and food, automotive, chemicals, etc.

3.Accugen laboratories, Inc is an FDA registered which offers full microbiological testing with antimicrobial testing and bioburden. They have a highly experienced testing team in various industries and their professionals have decades of experiences in this field which makes them the best in this profession. Microbiological services are provided to textile, cosmetic, food and personal care, household, paint, medical devices, etc. They provide cost-effective service to their customers as too.

4.Consumer Testing Laboratory offers a wide range of testing products like kids wear, swimwear, handbags, men’s and women’s apparel, gloves, socks, etc. They perform color approval, product specification is correct or not, the Physical performance like the strength and other minute things, fiber composition, fabric construction and physical testing is also done.

5.Drycleaning & Laundry Institute is also a testing laboratory founded 75 years ago and carries out all the testing along with dry cleaning facilities and all the tests are performed by this institute is kept confidential so as no one can change the original reports. 
ASIATEXTILE INSPECTION Pvt Ltd is also one of the Fastest growing inspection companies of the world. ATI is an independent inspection service company having 13 office worldwide with 100 plus qualified inspectors. They are playing their equal part along with other testing and inspection companies to produce the quality products.

 These are some of the institutes and laboratory that provides good testing result so as to give their consumer good quality product. testing is one of the important factor when it comes for manufacturing of denim jeans as people are willing to pay a good cost for the desired material and if the quality is not good then it will inturn affects the growth and economy of the company manufacturing the denim material. In Testing Phase the material is processed and passed through a number of techniques to check the strength, color and many other things to ensure that it is fit to make denim jeans. 

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