How medical sciences have been benefited greatly by technical textile?

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By Maria B

The recent advancement in medical science has been tremendous and due to this it helped a lot of people worldwide. The materials that are used include fibre, woven, nonwoven, knitted, mesh, etc.

They are mostly classified into two categories:

1. Implantable materials

These types of materials are used inside the body as a replacement to any of the body part or repairing that body part. This type of materials is in high demands because the materials that are used doesn’t interfere with the body’s metabolism or any other activity. The cost of such type of surgery is also high. Artificial ligaments and vascular grafts are the widely known words.

2. Non- implantable materials

These types of materials are not implanted inside the body but are used to cure any kind of wound or injury caused to the body. They are used in day to day life and include bandages, plasters, wound care, orthopaedic belts, etc. They won’t make a big hole in your pocket and are easily available.
Other areas in medical science where there is a good influence of textile industry and are not much popular in recent times but in the coming future, it will give humans more chance to live a better lifestyle. Extracorporeal devices are used to when your vital organs like kidney, liver, lungs, heart pacer, etc are mechanical organs that help in purifying blood and include artificial kidney, liver and other organs too. They work and functions exactly as original organs and easily get incorporated into the body.
Healthcare and hygiene products include all the materials that are used in surgery or in the hospital during or after the operation. Hand wash soap, gloves, sanitizer, etc are used more often. Washable and disposable are the two main category in this product. For medical textile products the manufacturing techniques used are woven, nonwoven, knitted, braided. Among all of this nonwoven is the most used one and very popular the reason being its low cost and easily disposable. The woven and knitted products are replaced but as we are not much aware of this new technology therefore woven and knitted are prefer over nonwoven. manpower in such industry is a must and includes both skilled and unskilled workers but a proper training is a must and thus, will help to draw attention of the people in this new industry and thus offer employment to many of the needy ones out there.
The power required to set up such industry is not big and can be easily achievable with little efforts and as far as the environment is concerned it has to be user-friendly without any complications which will help uneducated people to work in such industry. As far as profit is concerned it is a good business to start with if you are seeking for a good profit as the production cost is very less and the selling price that one can get if almost around 10-20%.