How technical textiles have played an important role for information technology?

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By Maria B

The recent advancement in the textile industry have been tremendous be it in the fashion market, in the medical useof for any other industrial market, the textile industry is proving such a useful tool for everything we all have been dreaming about for a long time. In recent times technical textile also have spread ideas worldwide to integrate it with information technology field which is so far one of the best news for all those who are too geeky and crazy about technology.
In this section, we will be discussing how electronics item will be integrated with textile to make it easier for a human being to track and check many of his days to day activities just in a single touch. IETs are Interactive Electronics Textiles is going to benefit many textile applications. Firms that will understand how to integrate this device with textile won’t find it difficult to hold their place in this challenging market where everyday people come with new technology to attract many customers as possible and provide them with the best technology. IETs are soon going to make our interaction with electronic devices way better than it used to be in the past. Fashion, medical, residential and interior and military sectors will be the one to get the most out of this IETs.
 The main purpose of making such IETs is to ease the difficulties that’s been faced by many people while communicating and tracking their own health so this will be highly useful for communication, tracking your lifestyle, safety and other purposes. These electronics devices will provide ease of mobility, comfort and convenience to its user. MP3 players, digital camera, video recorder, disk players are some of the examples of integrated devices and can be also developed for detecting pressure or movement in sensitive medical textiles.
The potential to keep a track of health issues like diabetes, pulse rate, heartbeats, body temperature and stress everything could be detected and kept on track with this device and what could be better if you can check it whenever you feel like there something wrong and thus you could take necessary action too. High-performance electronics devices can help to track the amount of calories you’ve burnt or you should burn, a number of miles you ran and other such activities so to keep you body fit.
There are sensors that have been built to track your arm movement, speed for improving tennis or golf swings. Textiles that have inbuilt GPS system integrated can track the location of the user anytime and in any weather. Such kind of textile could turn out to be really helpful for all the parents to track their children which will avoid any accident. These items are expensive and the main concern to build is its maintenance, user flexibility and safety.

Not only devices the textile material that will be used to integrate these devices also will be a big challenge because to make wearables user-friendly, eco-friendly one must do all the research regarding the user and the weather too.