Top 10 Most Popular Bloggers and Blog of Pakistan and India

Nowadays people are more interested in writing blogs so to inspire many people through their way of thinking, what they feel about a particular topic and what they wanna convey to others through their blog. Many of them are just the teenagersthat seeks for some good share through all this and forgetting the fact that they are inspiring or rather helping others to look things in different perspective. I’ve recently surveyed few blogs and here are some of them which took blogging as a profession to a whole new different level. They have been shortlisted on the basis of some criteria like blog or blogger must earn 500$ monthly, 1/10 of Google pagerank, topic of the blog and blogger must be a resident of India or Pakistan.
1.  The one that hits the list is the of Amit Agarwal which is considered as few of the best blogs in terms of technology. Launched in 2004, he post various tricks, tips, updates and news about technology and many has been featured in Times of India and Hindustan times.

2.   AmitBhawani.comby Amit Bhawani is the second most popular blogger that comes in this list. His blogs are also written on technology and give latest updates since 2007.

3.  Prabhu Desai website called gives information on technology and businessrelated niches. He not only writes blogs on technology but also on stock market, politics and finance.

4. by Srinivas Tamada which focuses mainly on web programming and development and other programming related news.

5.   NirmalTv.comof Nirmal Balchandran provides information of windows 7 and 8, cell phone tricks, android app and also on networking tips and was started in October 2005.

6.  MyBloggerTricks.comby Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai is one of the topmost blogger of Pakistan and the only one who has registered his company on STC network.Blogger widgets, templates and other newbies are developed under his guidance.

7.   SmashingApps.comby Naved Javed who writes blogs on windows, iphone, ipads and android applications. He uses Google Adsense and other things on his website to earn more.

8.  SmashingHub.comby Ali Qayyum provides information on technologies like web development, application, windows, social media web development, etc. he started blogging in 2009 and also uses Google Adsense to earn through his website.

9. by Hassam Ahmad Awan focuses mostly on topics related to blogging widgets, wordpress, online moneymaking, and optimizing search engine. He started his blogs couple of years ago and now is earning pretty good.

10. Last but not the least is by Ahmad Awais possesing good skills in graphics designing and web designing. He uses Google AdSense and other similar things to earn money.


These were the top 10 bloggers with blogs that are currently working way too good just to earn and to be on the top by showcasing their talent and the skills they posses but this is not the ultimate list neither can be considered all time or life time on top because blogging keeps very competitive environment and from every age group, people are doing their best with their unique and creative ideas and with hard work they are moving towards their dreams with a rapid pace. One must say that in such age and such field where experience matters a lot they are earning exceptionally well by taking blogging as a profession which was never thought it could be true but dedication and hardwork is what matters the most in life. There are some more bloggers like Harsh Agarwal for , and by Abdul wali who are doing stunningly best in this field and adding their most valuable part in helping others to establish online business and making blogging as a profession.

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