Right Clothing Style on the First Date: Women

What outfit to wear on first date is a dilemma that every single person has been trying to solve for decades! To some, it’s like a no-brainer nevertheless when it gets down to wire; all of us experience some sort of first date wardrobe fright when the pressure of “dress to impress” is on!

You are perhaps not going to like to be super dressed up if you are going out on a hiking date. Conversely, you probably would not want to show up to a fancy restaurant wearing old jeans and t-shirt. You need to know what type of date it is going to be before you get your final fashion choice.

If you’re Going Out on a Low Key Date

If you are going out on a picnic or on a coffee date, wear the nicer variant of what you generally wear. Like, if you prefer jeans and Tee, make sure you are wearing your nicest jeans with your best T-Shirt (or a pretty sweater over your T-shirt). If you prefer wearing skirts and flat shoes stick with that. However wear something a little fancier than usual.

If you’re Doing Out on a Fancy Date

If you are up for a fancy date, look for the restaurant dress code. You don’t want to be overdressed or underdressed, do you?  If you have no clue, just go for a black dress, with your best pair of shoes, and your finest piece of jewelry.

If you’re Going Out on a Lunch Date

Jeans, casual staples (converse or flats) sunnies and T-shirts, and are a great option if you are going out on a casual daytime setting.
An easy dress with a jacket (depending on what you prefer—a denim jacket, leather cropped bomber, ora cardigan) is always the best outfit combination. You can also do wedges or flats or depending on setting & what you are most comfortable with. The final goal is to accomplish the effortless “I just threw this on” vibe.

If you’re Going out a Dinner Date

If you’re going out on a dinner date, choose a nice pair of skinny pants that flaunt your figure (classic fitted jeans or black leather) along with a nice silk tank and clutch. I would personally recommend you to try J-bees Woman Jeans, as they are classy and sophisticated. You can also add a black heel or classic nude to dress up your looks—a fine mix of dressy meets relaxed. Perfect outfit require perfect shoes too, however again, it depend on the date. A nice pair of flats can either dress down or dress up depending upon your outfit and are versatile (and comfortable) choice of footwear. Do not go for heels unless you are comfortable doing so and are not in danger of tripping face down.

For makeup, it is all about the balance. Don’t go for too much or too little. Look like you put in the effort to look pretty, but didn’t want to overdo it! You would want to heighten your features, not overwhelm them.

If it’s summer, don’t wear shorts while going out on date, rather wear a skirt or a light pair of slacks.From a casual dress to jeans, my best piece of 1st date advice is to make sure that your outfit is comfortable.

Be unique.

Uniqueness is what really attracts. While you probably do not want to overwhelm your date for your 1st date, making sure that you’ve a flare of distinctiveness will help them remember this quality time, and they’ll be more attentive and would put an effort to get to know you.

Find yourself something that makes you stand out in a crowd of people. This’s where accessories are especially beneficial, as you can always put on a jazzy pair of earrings or some fun leggings, or a predominantly dashing scarf to give yourself some eccentricity.

Wear at least one thing that is brightly colored. Do not stick to just drab colors and do not only wear black. You can wear a bright purple belt, red tights or vivid socks. You will want something that draws the eye (especially that of your date’s) However, the first priority is always the comfort.

Also, do not show too much skin! Elude extremes like heavy makeup or exaggeratedly trendy outfits. Minimal and Natural is always best for your first date, as the saying goes: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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