Struggling in their own country – Pakistani medical graduates from China/Russia

Many students opt for medical field in Pakistan. Many of them want to pursue medical studies in Govt College of Pakistan. The students who get 90% gets admission in govt colleges but those who are unlucky but still they want to study cannot go for govt colleges. Some get less than 90% but that does not reduce the spirit to pursue medical. 

The only colleges they will get admission after getting less % are private colleges. These private colleges take millions of rupees and it’s not possible for middle class students to pay this much money. So they move towards the countries like Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Ukraine and many others to fulfil their dreams. It is still much expensive for middle class student to live in another country i.e.  different language, culture, lifestyle, a whole new beginning. But this does not concern Pakistan govt. After they come back to their own country they call PM&DC (Pakistan Medical & Dental Council) a big fish.

PMDC is basically an independent department which has complete authority on govt and private colleges. So when a rich student want to do medical in a particular preferred college then they can pay donation of 1 million rupees as a donation then they can get admission. This is sweet way of doing corruption. The middle class students can’t pay so much money and they are left behind. PMDC has been guilty for issuing fake degrees to foreign graduate. PMDC members are changed from past few years but corruption has reported multiple times.

It’s more like a hell to find good internship and jobs for the Pakistani foreign graduate. They fall into corruption of PMDC and other parties that control everything. This is not how a country will led. How can they mistreat the future of the new generation? This will severely affect the country future if not taken into consideration. The worst part is association which are working for young doctors like YDA are not doing anything regarding this. Something should be done and it can be done when all foreign graduates will be united and fight back for their rights. Unity is important in this matter and nothing is bigger than unity. All the foreign graduates who are suffering or will suffer should join hand and fight back. They can show their true power.

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