Ten reasons behind success of any commercial shopping mall

At the time, you’ve probably all seen, circulating mass of social networks, our new information highways, photos and pictures of malls shabby and abandoned. 

Original cradle of malls and shopping centers first generation, I felt like in this post to take you back to try to better understand the reasons for this disturbing scourge we called the ” dead -malls “.

There is variety of reasons which lead to failure of shopping malls. A mall to hit bull’s eyes it should have good facilities. 

Kid’s fun area is a must which will bring many kids to the mall and with kids their parents will also come which will increase the chances of product selling. 

Food court is also important for college students and families.

Good passages gives good way to come out and in through a mall. It removes the possibilities of confusion.

Good lights are a must for shopping malls as customer should clearly see where to go, what to purchase and it builds safety. 

Good centrally air conditioned will increase the number of people in the mall as many will come to enjoy ac air. 

Well mannered staff is very important aspect of a mall success as how you treat your customer matters the most. 

Good vehicle parking facilities is important as it avoids parking chaos. 

Good entry and exit helps new mall visitor to identify which way the exit and entry is.

Famous brands association attracts good crowds as the brand products will be searched by the customer and if your mall is associated with the brand then discount offers just is icing on cake.

Mall neatness is good for health of customer and everyone associated with the mall. A dirty mall will just give a bad reputation to the mall and bad feedback from majority becomes the most important reason for closing of a mall. Extra activities on special occasions give a plus and it brings family crowd to the mall etc

Now a day’s many old or some new malls around the world don’t have all or missing some of the above points so they slowly fail to get visitors and then finished. 

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