As you may know that the USA has acquired the first place in Rio Olympics 2016 by successfully winning the most medals. The United States have won 46 gold medals, 37 silver medals, and 38 bronze medals. The sports that have helped them in setting a benchmark includes swimming, athletes, gymnastics, wrestling and basketball. However, many of you may wonder, how exactly they made their people that good? Or what strategies they implement to get such impressive results?

Rio Olympics – 2016

Well, wonder no more because in this article we have compiled some of the best reasoning that ensured USA’s success in Olympics. It may help other countries to prepare for future Olympics.

Discussing the Olympic success of USA’s would be a never ending subject. Let’s look at some of the features and main reasons why they have been so successful in this regard.

The one thing that stood out as compared to other countries was USA’s women were far more focused, skilled, and hardworking professionals that they won more gold (61) than the men(55).

Training and Hard work will always be the key ingredient towards attaining success. There is no doubt in it, which the American athletes are well prepared for the competition they are to face. They are provided with best possible methods, exercises, instructions, diets, workouts, equipment, and other supplies to provide the best for the country’s representatives.

One of the least but most troubling thing that Olympians and organizations would have neglected was the conditions they were going to be participating in. Rio has a completely different climate, housing, edibles, water as well as the training. Nothing seemed to be an easy task for the athletes. To overcome the psychological obstacles placed in the path of Olympic glory, USATF and USOC started sketching out the trip’s plans and preparations well before the time were to show up for the final display of skill.

This included the renting of a nearby naval base, apartments, and hotel accommodations in such areas where outdoor running was possible. The planning for the logistic challenges was necessary as well as the most important thing that enabled the US to its Olympic Glory in RIO this year.

The Olympians were mentally strong, which led to the possibility of what they have achieved this Olympics. Names like Michael Phelps who are the standouts for USA’s success couldn’t be neglected. He alone won so much for his country as well as for himself.

USA – Swimmer

These were just a few things that other countries may put their resources into for success in upcoming Olympics. Any country who wish to do well in sports may know their strengths. As you can see that the US people are more good in sports such as swimming and athlete because of their physiques. All countries should acknowledge what areas they can perform well as compared to other countries. This way countries can prevent the loss of their money and resources.

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