Is death of Jose Fernandez not enough to reveal the truth of life ?

Indeed, even an average baseball fan has felt the profound gloom encompassing the recent death of Jose Fernandez, a 24-year-old genius pitcher for the Miami Marlins. Generally perceived for a charming smile, appealing personality, and commitment to people around him. Fernandez appeared to have radiated enthusiasm, hope, and cheerfulness continually.

Jose Fernandez

From the bodegas of Calle Ocho and the distribution centers of Hialeah to the ballpark in Little Havana and the Little League fields of Westchester, Miami is appalled and in dismay. The city is distressed in light of the fact that the passing of Jose Fernandez rises above games. This is about more than baseball. This is about family. This is about ethnic identity.
All the more unfortunately, Fernandez’s expected baby won’t get the opportunity to meet their dad, perhaps the most appalling reality of this entire grievous story. We have lost Fernandez as a baseball player and a wellspring of bliss; his family has lost something a great deal more than that.

He was energetic and full of life. His each pitch, development accompanied enthusiasm and liveliness. Fernandez’s affection for the diversion and rivalry was shown in each delivery. Baseball was not just a game for him, he was obsessed with it.

Fernandez carried on with an existence at first full of hardship and agony. He lived in deprivation for quite a bit of his life, then needed to attempt three times before effectively absconding to the United States, and on the fruitful outing he spared his own mother from drowning.
In spite of all those hardships, he continued to shine. He had an untiring spirit. He didn’t let those deprivation fade his smile. An aggressive and passionate player in the field yet he was a child at heart. Life’s what we make it and Fernandaz knew it. He used to enjoy small things in life.
The question that is revolving around my head lately after Fernandez untimely and shocking demise is,
Is Death of Jose Fernandez not enough to reveal the truth of life ?
None can deny that death is constantly miserable, time after time sorrowful. Juvenile death is more awful yet! If we just pause for a second and look at ourselves, ironically we’d have to agree that we are just running after our ‘wants’ and ‘desires’, so busy chasing our goals that we only care about ourselves and have forgotten the purpose of our lives. We have forgotten that one day everything will be over. The sands of time trickles away from our hands every passing day. Every soul has to leave this world, and only our good deeds will accompany us in the hereafter, Nothing Else! We pay our attention to this worthless and unavailing world which too, will one day, come to an end.
Nothing lasts long. Time is fast, Life is short, it’s a small journey so we ought to make it one that we are remembered even after we are gone. This life is about to end at anytime at any stage, death is inevitable! We are not born to live 50 or more so we should always try to search for the right path and do as much good as possible for humanity.

Not only Jose Fernandez’s death has left a colossal effect on his family, as well as the world of baseball, his death has left a lesson for all of us to be understood, to be learnt!

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