Social media is not a guaranteed way of Long Lasting fame but enough to make someone a “HERO” overnight!

We have often heard that sometimes it’s the luck that changes life in seconds. Same thing happened in the case of Chai Wala. A few days back, Arshad, the Piyara Chai Wala, now the famous model and probably a celebrity was just a tea seller and it was a matter a day or two, with a single picture of him being posted, he broke down the internet with his charismatic eyes and looks. 


Chai Wala having real name Arshad is only 18! He belongs from Mardan, KPK and has 17 siblings. He came to Islamabad at the age of 14 to find work and support his family. Before working at the tea shop, Arshad sold fruits and vegetables and utilized garments at the bug advertise for a considerable length of time. He had been working in the tea stall for months from morning to evening for Rs. 500 a day.

So from where did that fame part come?

It all started when an Islamabad-based freelance photographer, Jiah Ali suddenly captured a photo of this handsome Chai Wala, while he was pouring some tea, and Instagrammed it. The picture broke the internet overnight, with thousands of shares at social media with the hash tag of ChaiWala.

After that, Arshad all of sudden became the center of attention when young men and young ladies began thronging his tea shop to take selfies with him. At first, he thought he’d accomplished something incorrectly. He quit his employment and remained in isolation until companions and relatives let him know that it was his photo that had made him well known.
He got media coverage as well, as our media always need a ‘story’ to keep them busy! Within no time he got several modeling offers due to his good looks. The Islamabad-based apparel retail site then reached him for his first demonstrating shoot and he now graces the site’s landing page, displaying T-shirts.

Not only that, he hits his first commercial featuring a motorcycle brand.

The stunning part is that Syed Noor has also decided to give him a chance in the industry and would cast him in any upcoming movie however the details are not revealed yet

Reviewing the minute Ms. Ali took his photograph, Arshad says he was serving tea when a lady going by abruptly halted, took a snap and left. He overlooked the occurrence and just understood the photo had made him celebrated when individuals let him know his blue-green eyes were a top inclining subject via web-based networking media.

My mom regularly used to let me know that one day you will end up being a renowned man. I generally thought it was a desire and that’s it. In any case, now I feel it is because of my mom’s petitions that I have turned into a model from a tea dealer.”, told Arshad in an interview.

However, we need to keep one factor in our minds that fame earned by social media doesn’t necessarily last long. Social media is a nasty business; it can make you an internet sensation, a celebrity overnight on the other hand, it can also ruin your life long earned success and good will within seconds! We have multiple such stories in our industry for example: The Justin girls who at first, became the eye candy of social media but by the passage of time, got vanished. Hardly anybody remembers them now.

We have seen the journey of this lad from being a Chai Wala to now a Fame Wala. It’s just the beginning. He has just started his career. We hope he won’t be forgotten shortly. We wish him good luck for his future that I am sure he has a really bright one!

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