How fashion retail brands do play with the psyche of customers and make bunch of profits?

As customers, we think we support or choose a brand because of target components, such as, item quality or cost. However, the insights of psychology, the study of the human behavior and mind reveals that our identities and sentiments may impact on our selection of brands.

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Fashion retail brands understand that customers are driven by emotions. They come up with several strategies to capture consumers. From the strategy of putting eye-catching, exciting banners and blooms at the front of the store to create a sentiment “freshness”, to playing music that makes customers feel like they’re at a nightclub (this really makes customers move quicker, without diminishing deals), examples of brand organizations tackling the power of feelings to sell proliferate.
Let’s take a glance at few strategies and tactics taken by fashion retail brands that actually play with the psyche of consumers and make bunch of profits.

  • Forming Identity And Catchy Tagline:
Identity is an important social and psychological concept that relates to how we see and characterize ourselves as well as other people. Almost every single brand forms its identity and adopts a catchy tagline that captures customers’ attention in no time.
We can still recall when Apple launched its ‘Get A Mac’ campaign back in 2006. The campaign featured commercials that started out with a hip, young guy IA hoodie saying ‘Hi, I am a Mac’ as his intro. This tagline became the way of popularity for the product.
“Between Love and Madness lies obsession” is the famous tagline of the fashion house ‘Calvin Klein’. The internationally renowned brand Levi’s is well known by its tagline that says, “Go Forth”.
  • Exciting And Creative Campaigns:
Campaigns.. Yet another powerful tool to catch customer’s attention!
Fashion industries have it simple when it comes to online campaigns. They have a great deal more shapes, colors excitement and glamour to work with than other industries. Snatching this inherent open door, fashion brands have all begun propelling social media campaigns consistently.
  •  Glamorous And Engrossing Ads:
Admit it, when watching television and in the break, a new commercial pops up, featuring glamorous and vibrant stuff, we sure can’t help watching them and feeling appalled by them most of the time.
Fashion businesses are well aware of it and use this tool to feature their product and multiply the earnings. They come up with thrilling and fascinating advertisements featuring celebrities most of the time, that makes the viewer want to try their product.
  • Marketing And Branding:
Social media is the biggest opportunity for fashion retailers to promote their brands. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest serves as major tools to grab people. The owners’ sets up their pages and stores and generally follow trends and invent their hash-tags.
A prominent example in this regard is of the TopShop. In the 2015 London Fashion Week, Topshop teamed up with Twitter and launched the #LIVETRENDS campaign where boards were set up in major cities of UK, each close to a Topshop store. From front line fashion Tweets, Topshop figured out which styles were most in-pattern, and suggested collections accessible in stores that clients could buy immediately. Without precedent for history, clients were roused to shop by real-time data gathered by the brand. They had near about 75% sales uplift due to this campaign!
  • Offers And Sales:
Discount offers, Clearance Sales and Tokens are a proven way of increased sales and traffic. Most organizations have week after week, month to month, quarterly, and yearly deals targets. Sales and discounts can help them meet that easily. All they have to do is to reduce a little bit cost and have twice as more customers than regular!
Discounting and sales benefit the retailers in clearing the old stock and even things that they don’t anticipate offering any longer. They usually put these things in the front of the store to make them more obvious to your clients and offer them at exclusive discounts and make customers also happy!


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