Ramesh Babu is inspiration for every entrepreneur with his great success story

It is a well-known saying that, “We are the creator of our own destiny” and this is true! We are the masters of our own fate; we are responsible for what we are. We often come across success stories where heroes face various difficulties and end up making a successful and dazzling career for themselves, that fascinates us. We have a similar story to share with you, the story of great Ramesh Babu who proved that with continued hard luck, passion and determination, we can achieve anything we dream of. From rag to riches, let’s have a glance at this mesmerizing journey of G. Ramesh Babu.

Who Is Ramesh Babu?

He is a billionaire barber and is the owner of a famous hair styling salon, called Inner Space.


He also runs rent-a-car business including 256 luxury cars which include a Rolls Royce, six BMWs, nine Mercedes, a Jaguar, three Audis and much more. His customers incorporate military officers, politicians and also film stars, like Aamir Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Salman Khan.

He owns a Rolls Royce Ghost for himself which is worth Rupees 3.1 crore and he had bought from his own hard-earned money. Only 5 people of entire city own this luxurious car including Ramesh!

The Story Of Struggle

Ramesh’s story of struggle begins from the time when his father died in 1979 leaving a saloon business located on Brigade road. At that time, he was just seven years old. The saloon business was taken into running by his uncle. With his uncle paying just five rupees a day out of all the money he was making from the saloon, it was extremely difficult for Ramesh and his mother to fulfill their needs. After years of struggle, he managed to complete his school life.

Things weren’t going well with Ramesh’s family as his uncle was not cooperating and finally one day he simply decided not to pay a single penny to Ramesh’s mother from the saloon’s business. Outraged, Ramesh decided to take over the things into his hands. He began working at the saloon and started learning the roots of the business. He used to spend all his time there with his college studies alongside. “Since then I have been called a barber!”, while recalling that time, Ramesh exclaims.

In 1993 he bought himself a used van and from this is where the car-rental business part, hops in. He struggled all his way up to 2004 because back then, in the nineties, the car-rental business wasn’t that popular. Up till this time, 2004 it was just a car-rental, but then Ramesh decided to take a huge risk and bought his first luxury car worth 40 lacs. However, he was fortunate and the risk he took paid him remarkably and his business extended fairly well. Finally, in 2011 he took another huge risk and bought the Royce for the amount of four crore rupees. He was warned by people that the scope of failures was really high against buying such a tremendously expensive car but he was confident in his decision.

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Toughest Challenges Faced:

On April 2014, Ramesh had to pay over three crores for road taxes. He had to take the loan from many people as well as had to put up his property documents to get the cash.  It took a year or so, with his strategic planning and devour to his business, he was back on track.

What Lessons Does The Story Of Ramesh Have For Entrepreneurs?

Ramesh’s story offers some valuable lessons to the entrepreneurs. Let’s look at them:

Learn To Deal With Failures

Challenges and pitfalls are the parts of every business. Every business offers recurring imposing difficulties. The point is to grasp them wholeheartedly and handle them passionately.

Learn To Take Decisions

Before taking the two important steps in his career, Ramesh was told by many people that he is following the wrong path He simply didn’t listen to them. He took those decisions even in the presence of immense oppositions and made his path to success.

There will always be someone to put you down; the trick is simple.. Keep Going. In spite the fact that the path to success is not flowers and rainbows, still, DO NOT GIVE UP!

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