Recent act by Lionel Messi is disgraceful which must be condemned

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By Maria B

Lionel Messi is a world-famous footballer. He is an icon of this game with no doubt. In a recent incident during one of the world cup qualifying matches he has been suspended because of insulting an assistant referee. He has been fined and penalized under FIFA Disciplinary Committee’s rules. He has to pay $10,000 as well as he cannot be able to represent his team for next four matches.

Lionel Messi


Most disturbing part of such incidents that these don’t leave good impacts on the young generation’s mind who love this game with passion and follow their heroes blindly so repercussions of such negative acts must be discussed openly before these will get worst.
Every famous personality either in sports or in any other field must think twice before making him a part of such negative actions. This is just a matter of thinking that what would be their standings if someone from their fans list repeat the same kind of act!
We request every sportsmen to please do not make themselves an example in such bad incidents and always spread the positive messages either through their words or body language.
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