How to Create a Short Travel Video ?

Creating good short travel videos is not that simple and, in order to make your material interesting, here is what you need to know.
How to Make an Awesome Short Video from Your Travel Footage
If you like traveling a lot, and you enjoy shooting videos, while you’re at it, you might want to take advantage of your footage and make some short travel videos. There is nothing wrong with trying to do some creative work and trying out new things. Who knows? Maybe people will love your videos, and you might be able to become a travel blogger.
However, going through all of your footage can prove to be exhausting, especially if you don’t know where to start. Don’t think that you are a genius and that all of your videos are quality footage that everyone will enjoy watching. Let’s be realistic. It’s best to start with short videos and get good at making those before you can make something longer.

Here is how you can create good short videos using all of your material.

Make sure to include the departure moments
The first thing you need to have is the start of your short travel video. It’s generally a good idea to start building a travel story from your departure at the airport, or show shot footage of you preparing for the trip and talking about it, to give people more information.
You can’t just start the video with something like “hey, we are in Thailand!” starting with the plane taking off, for instance, is a safe formula that all travel movies and TV documentaries like to use. This gives better context and explains what the viewers can expect in the video. It’s important to create a story structure, and the best way is to talk a bit about the trip itself and give some information as to where you are heading at the very start.

Include footage of the people you meet

One of the things that people want to see in travel videos are the locals. This is the beauty of traveling: different meeting people, different cultures, lifestyles, and habits. All adventurers want to learn different “styles” of living.
Talk to locals, hear their story, let them talk about their lives, and learn more about the place from them. Not only will you be able to learn, but the people who watch your videos will be able to learn as well. Let your viewers taste the atmosphere and hospitality of the place you are at.
Include fellow travelers, friends, locals, and family in your video, and focus on people because they are the most important, not the scenery. Show human interactions if you want people to feel like they are there with you.

The location is very important as well

Make sure that you don’t forget to include important things such as street names, hotels, airports, stations, houses, shops, monuments, and the cool things you do in between. With travel photos, the important thing is the place, however, with videos; it’s all about creating a story.
Do some video editing
Apart from cutting important scenes and combining them in a logical way, it’s also very important to smooth the whole video. Given the fact that you will be filming different places at different times, you also need to make sure that the whole video is consistent and that it has one single atmosphere.
Editing a video includes changing colors, adding transitions, effects, changing the saturation, etc. Make sure that you do this, as your video can have a better visual effect and keep viewers engaged more. If you don’t know how to do this, consider finding professional video editing services that can do what you want quickly and for a small amount of money.
Remember these things when making a short video and keep in mind that you have to keep it short. Make a plan of the things you want to include in your video and bear in mind that, sometimes, you won’t be able to fit everything in. At those moments, prioritize and get over the fact that you have to leave something out.

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