Why should you buy natural Himalayan Hand Carved Salt Lamp with Indian Rosewood Base ?


Today we’re going to discuss about the famous Natural Himalayan Hand Carved Salt Lamp with Indian Rosewood Base. These are available at Amazon for an amazingly reasonable price. Let’s have a quick review about this product.


ü  User can control the brightness as per their wish.
ü  Smooth adjustable dimmer switch.
ü  Proper base.
ü  Comes with a 15 watt bulb installed.
ü  Variety of Colors Available.
Despite having a number of pros, we should mention a couple of cons as well which we feel essential to bring into your knowledge before we encourage you to buy this great product.


ü  Doesn’t come with extra bulbs.
ü  The bulb heats up, if the lamp is left turned on for long.

This is the product you shouldn’t miss buying. Reason? Here you go:

1- Helps You In Stress Relief
Salt lamps are well known for their effect of putting out negative ions from their surroundings. Negative ions are essential for us. It’s something that we actually need to help balance ourselves out because we’re pretty much bombarded with positive ions especially from the electronics all day long.
Obviously when you’re in your office or home that most of the time has its windows closed and no plants, it doesn’t have much connection to the outdoors. Areas like these said to have zero negative ions. This is where The Himalayan Salt lamps play vital part. Most of the consumers claim that these lamps have actually been helpful in providing them the stress relief. The warm diffused light of the Himalayan lamp is said to be extremely soothing and relaxing.

2- Makes An Equisetic Décor:
If you are looking for a unique, elegant, stylish and artistic decor for your home, then these Himalayan lamps are the best answer for your needs! We all know that lamps are unquestionably a valuable bit of furniture. These lamps are beautifully designed portraying the most sumptuous and artistic look, so they make a piece of glamour to your home!

Honestly, who wouldn’t love a pretty hand-carved soothing light emitting lamp in their home?

3- Health Benefits
Salt is generally known to help in curing In Insomnia. As the lamp’s brightness is controlled by the consumer, you can dim the lamp’s lights at night, which will make a great night light. These Himalayan lamps have been spotted as providing great health benefits to their consumers ranging from Insomnia to chest congestion, dry coughs and even sinuses.


People who have bought it already, are giving their valuable reviews.

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4- A Perfect Present
These lamps are the perfect presents for your companions and loved ones as anyone would be delighted to have these alluring and stunning pieces of art!
What You Need To Know Before Buying This Product?

Although we have discussed that these lamps are truly useful as a décor, makes the perfect present and provides various health benefits however here are few things you should know when purchasing this product.

1-  The container it comes in is a plain cardboard that fits firmly to the lamp which makes it look a little less appealing if you’re sending these lamps as a gift to someone.
2-  Keep in mind that you are buying a natural stone so every stone is different in shape and not all sides of the stone are as lovely as they have been depicted in the picture. 
3-  The lamp does not come with any extra bulb. It has a 15 watt bulb installed, you can later change it as per your need.
One of customer had shared the detailed feedback which can be a great support in buying for everyone.

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Final Verdict?
Considering all these benefits the Himalayan lamps are providing, reasonable price as well as amazing user reviews, we find no reason to disagree that these lamps are a Must-Have for your home/office!

People who are buying this lamp, also buying TGS Gems 25 Watt Himalayan Salt Lamp light bulb which makes this product a best in use.

You can also buy some of the other similar good products at Amazon.


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