5 Tips To Prevent Accidents In Your Kitchen

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By Maria B

Did you know that the kitchen of your home is a sector in which many accidents can occur? But do not worry, they can all be avoided. How do what? Next we explain it to you.
All these setbacks can occur because of poor design and maintenance of your kitchen that can be given systematically in everyday life.
So that this environment of your home does not become a dark and dangerous corner, you can take preventive measures very easy to apply.

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The 5 Tips You Need To Know To Prevent Accidents In Your Kitchen

1. Control All Your Electrical Appliances

  •       Put all your electrical appliances in the center of the table or counter, and not  on the edge. This way you will avoid possible falls.
  •           Regularly check the cables of the devices, and repair them immediately when they are in poor condition.
  •          Never place electrical appliances near water outlets. Unplug them immediately once you have given them the proper use.
  •           Use plastic caps to cover all the plugs that can be reached by splashing. 

2. Label Detergents And Toxic Products

  •        Do not remove labels from chemical or flammable product containers.
  •        Never mix different types of cleaners
  •   ·       If you have contact with pesticides, wash your hands immediately.
  •            Keep chemicals or toxins away from food.
  •            Close the kitchen cabinets where the products are stored with guards or keys.
  •            Do not use beverage bottles or food jars to store these products. In this way you will avoid confusing yourself with other foods and possible poisoning. 

3. Avoid Falls And Blows

  •      Immediately clean any spills of liquid or grease on the kitchen floor. This way you will avoid slips and consequent falls.
  •           Keep the doors of the refrigerator and washing machine closed , as well as the drawers and doors of your kitchen furniture, so as not to take them in front causing injuries.
  •           I kept the floor as free as possible from obstacles.
  •           Do not use defective ladders. If you download them, do not do it on your back.
  •           Just as important is that you perfectly fix the shelves on the wall. They must not fall for any reason! 

4. Keep Knives And Sharp Objects In Custody

  •       Sharp knives should be handled with great care when cutting food, such as when cleaning them. Be careful!
  •           Never keep a knife with the tip or the edge up.
  •           The drawers that contain these elements must have a safety lock and must always be closed and locked. 

5. Control The Fire And Hot Oil When Cooking

  •        Always place the pans on the stove farthest away.
  •           Make sure that the handles of the same are directed towards the interior and do not protrude. In this way you will avoid taking them ahead.
  •           Do not leave pans or containers with oil, or hot water, in accessible places.
  •           Do not leave near the flame repasadores or other propitious elements to be burned.
  •           We recommend placing a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Please, make sure you know its use perfectly. It is an element that can be of great help before a fire starts. 

     What You Have To Do When There Are Kids Included?

    So that you can be more sure of preventing all types of accidents in your kitchen, we recommend that you avoid entering it by means of a protective grate.

    If In Any Case, Children Manage To Enter, Precautions Should Be Maximized!

    •       Avoid children opening the oven and any other dangerous device such as the dishwasher, and the washing machine for example. If necessary, install a device that prevents opening.
    •           Never open a pressure cooker in front of a child. Before doing so, it is essential that you make sure that it has cooled and that the steam is gone.
    •           When the oven or burners are out of use, it is essential that you close the gas tap , and that you reinforce the prevention with knobs for children.
    •           Keep scissors, knives, forks and any sharp article, out of the reach of the smallest.
    •           Prevent cables from electrical appliances from hanging or being exposed.
    •           Store height cleaning items, and label them to avoid confusion.
    •           Leave the garbage container somewhere inaccessible. This will help you prevent poisonings and cuts.
    •           Leave to the youngest only those plastic dishes, as well as frying pans and pots, which they will surely want to manipulate.
    •           Plastic bags should never be in a drawer or place accessible to children, are safe causes of suffocation, please avoid them!
    •           Always check the temperature of the food before serving a child. 

    The Kitchen, Children, And The Elderly
    Did you know that each year, accidents in the home charge a large number of lives in addition to many people with disabilities and injuries of all kinds? We do not want to alarm you, but it is important that you know.
    After traffic accidents, they are the second cause of mortality, mainly in minors and in older adults; and the kitchen is one of the places where they occur most frequently.
    It is important to keep in mind that accidents are avoidable in more than 90% of cases, and not a product of chance. The most usual result as burns and blows, from mild levels to truly serious.
    As we have been explaining to you, avoiding this type of setbacks is not as difficult as it seems. It’s just a matter of taking some simple precautions.
    If you follow our recommendations, you can avoid risky situations, and thus, preserve the integrity of each member of the family.
    What Should You Do In A Domestic Accident?
    For those cases in which, despite all the precautions consciously set in motion, inevitably falls into an accident, we recommend you to act as quickly as possible!
    To collaborate with that moment, the ideal thing is that you have at hand the emergency telephones placed in a visible place in the kitchen, as it can be with a magnet in the refrigerator.
    This information may include useful information such as contacts of health centers, gas and light companies, police, firemen, doctors and some personal telephone. 
    Acting on time, in all cases, will help you avoid major consequences to a blow, fall, burn, cut, or any other setback.
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