A great Invention for all the Diabetic patients by the renowned company Abbot

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By Maria B

We have a great news for all the Diabetic patients out there! Diabetics who have been pricking their fingers for years finally have another option. You won’t believe there’s has been introduced a Blood Sugar Monitor doesn’t use any needles and is bringing a revolutionary change in the way Diabetic people manage their Diabetes. 

A renowned company Abbot has introduced the Freestyle Libre. It has a small patch that can be easily applied to the upper-arm. With a simple scan, the sensor can read your glucose levels, no needles or blood necessary. The device has the special feature of ‘Review History. It keeps readings for up to ten days, making it much easier to see any patterns or trends in your blood sugar readings, and it even shows these readings in an easy to understand line graph.This device has been approved by FDA as well. 

Source: diatribe.org

Main functionality of the device includes measuring Blood pressure ranging 20 to 275 mmHg and Blood glucose level between 2 and 18 mmol / L ( 36.4 to 327 mg / dl).
However, there are some limitations of the device. These include,

  • The device does not show accurate results for people with arrhythmia! 
  • People with sharp fluctuations in pressure with advanced atherosclerosis and extremely sharp fluctuations in blood sugar unit gives an error, as vascular tone in these individuals varies much slower than the rest.
  •  Device is not suitable for insulin-depended people.
Main Features of the device include,

  •      This device doesn’t require any blood operation.
  •         Does not need any strips.
  •      Provides an easy pain and prick free solution.
  •      With this device there is no longer the worry of blood poisoning.
  •      Cost-Effectiveness – No additional costs strip and needles.
  •      A possibility of permanent monitoring.
  •      Memory of last measure.
  •     Display errors in blood pressure measurement – provided – Automatic pressurization and venting of the cuff.
  •      Auto Power off functionality.
  •      Easy operation and maintenance.
  •      Does not require special skills.
  •      Is Self-powered.
  •         Can be utilized in home as well as clinical settings.

The device works in three easy steps,

    1- Apply the sensor:

It has a device called Activator that is applied on to the back of upper arm which inserts a thin, sterile and flexible under the skin.
    2- Scan the sensor:

In order to obtain a glucose reading, all you have to do is to simply perform a painless and quick one second scan of the reader over the sensor. Without any routine finger pricks, this scan provides you more data than observing with blood glucose test strips. Not only that the system also offers a software to generate concise reports to assist with the analysis of glucose data.
    3- Get your reading:

With Each scan of the reader over the sensor, the current glucose reading is recorded and displayed. Not only that, you can browse through the last 8-hours of your glucose history, and trend arrow is displayed showing if your glucose is increasing, decreeing, or changing slowly.
Bottom Line:

This device is indeed an amazing initiative taken in the world of medicine to free Diabetic patients from the issues of glucose monitoring. It enables the patents with the facility of checking their glucose levels anywhere, anytime!