Reasons behind success of Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar in China

It is a well-known fact that Aamir Khan is indeed a top contender at the Indian box office. He ensures to create a distinctive mark with his movies every time, and this time it’s no different.  His most recent film Secret Super Star collected revenue of 6.79 Million Dollar Rupees (more than 43.35 crores) on the first day. Like his earlier films PK and Dangal, the collections of Aamir’s Secret Superstar stand at a record breaking `800 crore in the middle of the fifth week and it keeps getting bigger!
The huge success has left Aamir Khan baffled. His wife Kiran Rao is equally overjoyed. She said she didn’t expect the movie to be so well-received in China. She was surprised by the fact that people are getting attached to the film.

Let us have a glance at few prominent reasons behind such huge success of Secret Super Star in China.

Secret Super star success in China

One of the possible reason behind the success of Secret Super Star, according to the critics is, the goodwill created by his earlier movies PK and Dangal. They, too hit China with big numbers. Well here a conclusion can be drawn that Secret super star benefitted from the goodwill of its predecessors.
Another potential reason is the plot of the movie. Khan himself has to say that people get fascinated by contrasting cultures and stories of different characters from various parts of the world. According to him,
 “China’s emotional tone is very much like ours. Hence, our stories touch them. I am sure that there are a lot of Chinese films which we are unable to see but are similar in nature. Things like emotions, family values and culture appeal to them,”

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We cannot ignore another prominent reason, that is starring Zaira Wasim in the lead role. The young actress appeared in Dangal as a young girl whose relationship with her father, (whose role was played by Aamir Khan), touched millions of Chinese moviegoers. It sparked a wave of interest in India and its culture. Not only Zaira, but both the collections shared some-how a similar theme as well. The theme of breaking free of societal shackles to succeed against heavy odds! Dangal revolved around the characters of a father and his daughters and highlighted the struggles of him training his daughters for wrestling championship while Secret Superstar  features a girl bucking up against tradition to pursue her dream of becoming a singer.
Another interesting factor is the fact that the movie addresses on social inequality and domestic violence, is about a country competing with China. Possibility is it might have created a factor of interest in the spectators as they might end up comparing China and India issue of gender and inequality.  It is much easier to get films that show the negative aspects of society in a country like India past the censors than it would be if the film was about domestic violence and inequalities in China. It makes China look good by comparison!

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