A school van driver whose endless efforts produced two Engineers for Pakistan!

Sometimes in life we face the situations where acceptance of realities becomes most difficult thing and left us with no other option but just to live with it. One of the such situations is to face the loss of our parents in their early age. No one can replace the love and affection of our parents. On every step of life, we wish them to be with us. Our success, failures, sorrows and happiness always remind us the importance of their presence, it takes time to mitigate the pains and miseries of life without their prayers and guidance but also for all our achievements, we badly miss the true essence of motivation and encouragement. Those who keep themselves strong and live with the passion and dreams of their parents, not only become the shining stars but people see all their parents hard works and efforts into them and praise their parents for giving such diamonds to the society.

Awais Tariq is one of my best colleagues in my recent company, I always used to see him work with full commitment, his hard work, self-motivation and honesty proved that some strong character is behind him who keeps him pushing toward his goals with this rapid pace. Few week ago when he shared one of his old posts on Facebook, I got my answer and couldn’t have to probe the source further behind his successful journey towards his goals.

Awais Tariq

It was his father who had worked as a school van driver but never compromised for the education of their children. A man whose struggle did not only produce two brilliant engineers for our country but left the lesson behind for those who keep their children busy in different chores to earn money whenever they have to live the poverty-stricken life.

I discussed with Awais about his father in detail after reading this post and he told me that their financial conditions was not good since his childhood, his father came back from Saudia Arabia with some hard-earned money. He did his best to manage some good sources of income out of this money but couldn’t see the luck at his side. Later he had to sale his own house due to some family as well as financial issues. Before he could lose all his savings, he took the wise decision, bought a van to manage his bread and butter as well as to keep continuing the education of his children, he drove this van for the rest of his life. 

They are five siblings, one sister and four brothers. Sister and two elder brothers couldn’t study much but his father at least managed the studies of last two and proudly saw them as engineers in his life.
He was the youngest in family, he told me that it was his last fee with last day of submission when he talked to his father to deposit his fee which he somehow managed the way he used to manage it before but never let him worried about it. No one knew that it could be his father’s last day because he died on the same day due to the liver disease. His elder brothers are doing business and they are now living a good life. He and his second last brother are living with mom, his elder engineer brother is working in one of the good companies in SialKot. Awais has also now gotten another good job and will be moving there in a couple of days.
Please join us to wish him best of luck for his success in future!

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Authored By HMS Khalid
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