Best review for Netflix movie “TAU” which is based on Artificial Intelligence

Can you imagine what would happen if you managed to program your Alexa or Siri device to not only lower your thermostat or turn your lights on and off, but kill any intruders? That’s basically the conclusion of TAU where the computer of the same name is voiced by none but the Oscar winner, Gary Oldman. 

Artificial Intelligence has become a buzzword in recent years and it has made its way to the film industry too. Back in 2018, a Netflix Sci-fi thriller TAU made its way to the screens and offered its viewers an experience to cherish. The movie featured a woman named Julia who is taken captive by a tech researcher Alex and TAU – his cutting edge, artificial intelligence system.

Human Vs Artificial Intelligence. Will It Be An AI-Take Over In The Coming Decades?

TAU – Movie Review
Psychological thrillers encompassing artificial intelligence serves as some of my favourite movies. This genre has immense potential to explore artificial minds, as well as frantic with their capabilities. In order to do so, they require exceptionally fleshed out writing. With TAU, an effort has been made to bridge the fact that AI can be made emotionally aware. We usually think of AI as robots taking over the world, and there prevails negativity associated with AI, especially as depicted by the movies (most of the time). Emotions are important and incredibly hard to teach an AI. TAU is an intriguing movie that postulates a central question of what is a person. TAU highlights the reality that AI can be argued with, influenced, persuaded because if it simulates human mind, then it is capable of desire, curiosity, and morality. Blind obedience is not a substitute for AI, yet, AI creates a mind capable of decision making given evidence to work with!
I ended up perplexing about how to enhance the situation of the lead character if I was in the same role. Whoever composed the primary character, worked admirably! More consideration could be paid to the secondary character as the AI regularly is more fascinating than the auxiliary character.

The film’s most engaging scenes include Julia and TAU while Alex is out of the house: Despite the fact that the computer is competent enough to carry out a wide variety of chores, the computer is still unfamiliar with the concept of personhood. It is unknown to the reality beyond the confines of his windowless shelter.

Artificial Intelligence


The interchange between the AI and the essential character is an awesome unforeseen development as it allows the spectators a concise understanding into what it may be to interface with AI. Blending the possibility of creation into a science fiction film isn’t new; however for this situation it is done is in an extremely interesting manner. The authors obscure the lines between human cognizance and what we call “Artificial Intelligence”.  Love is another extraordinary bend in TAU. That was indeed an impressive attempt.
Overall, in the end it can be said that a magnificent attempt has been made to bridge the gap between human beings and AI in TAU.


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