Some very useful Tips to visit Mahodand Lake, Pakistan

Mahodand Lake can be considered one of the most beautiful lakes of the world without any doubt but how can one reach to this place? This is the question I have been asked many times by some friends after my recent visit to this place. 

Mahodand Lake

For all my friends as well as for the community i have been connected with through google as local guide, I am writing here some useful tips to reach at this beautiful place.
If you are traveling from outside Pakistan then you have to apply for tourist visa first. Pakistan’s current government is very supportive for tourism industry, promoting and facilitating it at all levels. They are also committed to provide full security to all the foreigners who are willing to visit Pakistan. One of the recent examples is “Eva ZuBeck” a Polish lady who has spent eight months in Pakistan, shared her experiences through her YouTube channels. You can check it out if you have any little hesitation left before visiting Pakistan.

Beautiful Sunset in Mengora, Swat Valley

If you are from Pakistan or coming from any other country, you first have to reach Islamabad and then from here you need to take a bus or hire a car for Saidu Sharif or Mengora, Swat Valley. It will take around 4 to 5 hours drive from Islamabad. You must have to stay a night at Saidu sharif, Serena Swat is the best option. Early morning after the breakfast, you can hire a car for Kalam valley, it is another 5 hours drive from Saidu Sharif. Road condition is good till Bahrain valley but after that you will have to face some hard travel due to road construction these days. This patch will be completed within next few months according to local sources.

Kalam Valley

After reaching Kalam Valley, it’s preferable to stay a night first, there are plenty of good options now for stay in Kalam. You need to hire a SUV or Jeep with local driver from Kalam for mahodand. The Best time to travel for this lake is the morning time, you should leave around 9 am from Kalam so that you can easily reach there around 11 am but it depends on the weather and traffic. During peak season, it can take 3 to 4 hours as well. Road condition from Kalam to Mahodand is not good neither it can be constructed so only expert drivers can drive on this road.
Recommended months to travel for this lake are from April till September but if you need to enjoy the green landscape more as well as need to see the glaciers closely then visit from Jun till August. 
Try to keep yourself hydrate and keep a bit amount of snacks and biscuits for munching while traveling. Do not forget to keep some chewing gum with you, it will help to keep your ears open 🙂

Always keep some basic medicines whenever you need to travel anywhere especially to the hilly areas. On the way to Mahodand, You will not find any pharmacy or medical store so keeping emergency medicines with you will really beneficial while traveling to this lake.

Keep warm clothes, You might face some cold weather on top even in peak summer season.

Mahodand Lake, Pakistan

Once you reach there, You can enjoy boating, eat fish or chicken Karahi but i will prefer to eat fish from there. You can even stay there for a night in a camp but if you are with family then i will prefer you to come back to Kalam Valley, stay night there and then travel back to Saidu sharif or Mengora next day. Stay night there, enjoy the beauty of Swat valley with roaring river swat and travel back to Islamabad next day.
Don’t forget to bring your Camera, You will have heavenly beautiful scenes to capture during  your whole journey to Mahodand Lake.

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