How Smaha Jahangir has become a proud lady for Pakistan with one Photo !

An optometrist by profession, Smaha Jahangir is the first Pakistan’s female photographer whose digital work had been selected for National Geographic magazine’s July 2019 edition

Photography is an art and those who have bestowed with this unique talent, always keep themselves busy in finding the best place to portray it. Some of them have stunned people already with the first glance of their work. They always are admired not just because of showing beautiful colors of nature in digital form but also every picture of them gives a sense of liveliness. Furthermore, they also know how to captivate the minds and indulge people with their artistic work.

Smaha Jahangir is one of such names whose work has been recently acknowledged by Nat Geo Magazine and published one of her pictures in their July 19 edition. It was not just the honor for her family but also the proud moment for the whole of Pakistan. 

Therefore, we got the curiosity after hearing this news and stumbling upon her work on Instagram, get ourselves in a way of serenity. Every single picture was showing deep perfection with strong hidden messages.

Here are some observations we concluded after witnessing her work on Instagram.

Passion speaks
We observed the finest details in every picture which indicates the time and efforts behind it. Consequently, such masterpieces cannot be generated without passion and full dedication.

Happiness in the colors
In every picture, we can see the colors dancing with some sober happiness and depicts the true nature of every object with its unique color.

You will get the feel of everything while reviewing her pictures whether it shows humans or any object. Moreover, it will surely give you lively and fresh feelings.

Message in the pixels
Every bit of her work or through every angle, you will be getting some deep messages undoubtedly which will inspire you.

Being honored like her is a dream of many but to get someone reaches this level, we always need to be self-motivated, passionate enough and fully dedicated towards our work with no lust of money and fame.
If you first fulfill all real attributes in your work, you will not only get the recognition one day but will also see the money on your way.
If you have an interest in photography or any other field and want to show your talent, then first get some inspiration from people like Smaha and start learning the skills. Without knowing the basics, you will not bring yourself to perfection. Learning is a continuous process so never thinks that you have the best skills or enough knowledge, keep searching for new techniques and inventions in your desired field of work and keep mixing them with your skills. This will boost your confidence as well as bring more maturity in your work.

If you don’t have time to attend photography school but have passion to learn more, here are some online courses available on Udemy with reasonable prices. You can improve your skills by following advises from these experts.

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