Strategies That International Clothing Brands will consider After Global Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak has lead the world to confront a serious critical situation that can’t be ignored nor can it be taken easy. The lockdowns and social distancing pessimistically effecting all other industries around the world hasn’t spared the apparel industry as well. From average costume shops to the most celebrated apparel brands, the sales rate is falling and the post crisis realities and how do retailers maintain cash flow from operating activities are yet to be sorted.

Global Pandemic and Apparel Industry

Impacts on the Fashion Industry

Analyzing the current situation of earnings that the International Clothing Brands have after the business closed down nearly 80 percent of all enrolled brands will suffer really low EBITDA ratios. To overcome this crisis, a serious calculated action should be taken to avoid the worsening of the consumer buying behavior. The offline shopping platforms obviously faced a rapid decline during the start of the quarantine break in the sales and the sales rate has now, with the passage of time reached the percentage zero. To cope with this, some of the retailers are seen adopting temporary furloughs instead of layoffs and salary cut off of employees. 

This measure of saving money is however not that effective and legally safe. Another impact is that the retailers also need to cope with the fact that the people seeking unemployment advantages will also increase rapidly. The rate of e-commerce sale is also declining as the masses seem to save money during this pandemic and not to buy clothing which they wont get to use in quarantine. As a result to this, the online traffic on these sites is increasing but sales rate has been abandoning continuously and is said to drop more in the upcoming weeks of the pandemic. If the retailers think of opting the 50% off sales or some other eye-catching offers as an attempt to increase the sales, it will eventually become mainstream, lost and even after some time hard to afford for them. The amazon U.S deals  selling rate has given an outcome that the clothing worn inside the house like pajamas sales rate has gradually increased as compared to other apparel items but in the long run, these garments are not sustainable fashion and can not be saving retailers from the crisis completely.

Business Continuity Plan

There are a couple of measures the apparel companies should adopt by now, in order to survive this pandemic and maintain business opportunities. The first thing is retailers need to be supportive and concerned about the health and well-being of their employees. The hygiene should be properly maintained, in all sorts of stores. The measures briefed by the government should not be avoided. Moreover, chiefs of companies should alter purchase amounts for the fall and special seasons, representing first half persist and any normal classification shifts. Also, accelerate investments to enhance their digital presence and shift media spending to the online channel. 

For certain organizations, that may mean imparting to customers why it is still sheltered to shop on the web and how the organization is guaranteeing that distribution center laborers remain sound. 

For other people, it might mean starting real to life discussions about how something as apparently silly as another pair of shoes or another container of lipstick can get solace and satisfaction a period of disorder. The point to be noted here is that this is going to be the case with best selling products on amazon even.

Short-term actions until quarantine lasts

The most highlighted problem in this time of crisis is that the unsold inventory is increasing. 

Here are some ways to reduce inventory that will help building customer loyalty in this time. 
  • Make attentive, store-by-store choices as you revive the store arrange, not exclusively to shield the well being and trust of workers and purchasers, yet additionally on the grounds that most ventures will be operationally compelled. 
  • Look to your most steadfast purchasers first to kick off development and avoid going out of business. It’s normal for 10 percent of a brand’s buyer base to drive 60 percent of its business, making actuating these VIPs an absolute necessity do. 
  • Emergencies can make new roads for development. Organizations will have entered the emergency from different places of solidarity, so go-ahead circumstances will be, somewhat, limited by beginning positions. The crisis situation is ready to accelerate a gigantic shakeout, and the retailers that ask and answer the extreme inquiries will be better situated to resuscitate their business. 
  • Accept this open door to jump into the computerized field by making it the focal point of your working model. Start by overhauling channel-blend targets and speculation assignment to give a more noteworthy offer to online channels. 
  • Quicken personalization in computerized showcasing with the goal that you can convey a similar nature of connections online that customers are acquainted with in stores. 
  • Investigate better approaches for joining forces with e-retailers to pick up development energy through their channels while ensuring your image value.

Actions to survive post-virus crisis

 The corporate and business level strategies will include making attentive, store-by-store choices as you revive the store, organize, not exclusively to shield the well being and trust of workers and purchasers, yet additionally on the grounds that most endeavors will be operationally compelled. You may conclude that specific stores ought to revive in a totally different limit. For instance, serving a more worth situated customer section and assisting with clearing overabundance item or shouldn’t revive by any stretch of the imagination. 

Brands should screen deals information and trade bits of knowledge with their merchants and providers, at that point survey their marketing plans for the fall and occasion 2020 and spring 2021 seasons. Another import strategy is that most companies/brands should open their stores slowly from one region to another and monitoring the staff again, rehire in case you feel it is necessary.

These strategic actions will surely help you enhance your sales alongside maintaining your health and safety management system. This is all to keep your business going during this outbreak and making sure that you don’t go through huge pre and post-crisis effects.

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