6 Smart Ideas that can save your family in Plane Crashes

Plane crashes are the worst nightmares especially for frequent travelers. Despite maintaining strict SOPs (standard operating procedures) before flying, several plane crashes happened. All those incidents caused by some genuine technical errors or violations in SOPs. All airline companies are working hard to enhance their safety measures. But, nothing is beyond fate. If your death has been written, No one can save you. Your family members will keep repenting on various factors that caused your death. 

6 Smart Ideas that can save your family in Plane Crashes

In one of the recent incidents, PIA plan A320 (Flight PK-8303) crashed in Karachi. It happened a few minutes before landing. We will not jump into further details as the investigation is already undergoing. But our purpose here is to reveal some of the ideas we generated after this incident. These are not guaranteed ways but can increase the safety measures to save precious lives.

Before listing here further, we checked on the internet for “How to survive a plane crashes”. Many possible solutions mentioned there so we tried to avoid the duplication here. 

Below is the list of articles from authentic websites where you can read about the best possible solutions. 


6 Smart Ideas that can save your family in Plane Crashes

Here is the list of six smart ideas that can probably save your life while travelling through Air anywhere in the World.

1. Always Travel In World’s Best Airline Companies

Airline selection should be on top of your list. There are many reasons which make any airline the best in the world. Their safety measures are one of the main factors which bring them on top of the list. 

According to the list of Best airlines in the world for 2020 are. 

1. Air New Zealand
2. Singapore Airlines
3. All Nippon Airways
4. Qantas
5. Cathay Pacific
6. Emirates 
7. Virgin Atlantic
8. EVA Air
9. Qatar Airways
10. Virgin Australia
11. Lufthansa
12. Finnair
13. Japan Airlines
14. KLM
15. Korean Airlines
16. Hawaiian Airlines
17. British Airways
18. Alaska Airlines
19. Delta Air Lines
20. Etihad Airways

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2. Avoid Travelling Together

If you need to travel with the whole family then try to split it into two or three groups. i.e Book seats for four persons in two different flights ( two each) for the same destination. In this way, any two members of the same family can survive a plane crash if it happens to any, God Forbid. 

3. Give priority seats to Children, Old age and Women

In many of the ideas, mentioned in the above articles. They suggested booking the aisle seats or near to the emergency exit. This is a good idea but for this purpose, you always need to book seats in advance or need to request your travel agent or at the air ticketing counter. If you somehow couldn’t be able to manage it then always prefer your Children, Women, or Old age people for aisle seats. This can help them to evacuate easily in any sort of emergency. 

4. Avoid Short Distance Flights

In one of the articles above, they suggested taking the direct flights; we suggest our readers avoid short-distance flights. Especially when you need to travel domestically, preference should be by road or train. Nowadays many countries have established an excellent infrastructure of rail and road transportation. so travelers should opt for them rather than risking their lives just to save a few hours. It is obvious that for shorter flights, airline companies will not use Boeing planes which are considered much safer then ATRs or Airbus, etc.

5. Fire Repellent Cloths for Passengers

In the above articles, It has been mentioned to wear comfortable clothes and shoes while traveling as well as suggested to avoid short clothing. In many of the airline crashes, it has been observed that burns are the main causes of deaths. Textile and airline companies should establish a joint research and development system to prepare the special fabric for airline passengers. This fabric should be in reach of each passenger on their seats. They can cover their bodies before observing any sort of such crashes. This can be helpful to minimize the burning factor in crashes. 

6. Wear Good Quality Masks

Although in the current pandemic, Wearing masks may have become compulsory for passengers. But in many cases, this can also help them to avoid inhaling smoke in plane crashes. This might be helpful to save their lives. 

We have strong faith that despite taking all the necessary measures, we cannot escape ourselves from death when it has become our destine. Nevertheless; if we need to live more in this world then we can be among survivors like all these ten people. Two more people survived in a recent plane crash in Pakistan as well.

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