10 Reasons You Should Subscribe To Food Channel Ifrah’s Kitchen

Today we want to introduce an amazing YouTube channel to our readers and we are sure, right after reading this blog post, you are going to subscribe to this awesome channel instantly as we are going to give you 10 good reasons for it!

The channel we are highlighting is called: Ifrah’s Kitchen.  She lives in UAE with her husband. She is basically a pharmacist but has a keen interest in cooking. During lockdown in UAE they both decided to make the best out of Quarantine and started this channel.

Daily New unique Recipe- Ifrah's Kitchen

Let’s now explore 10 astonishing reasons as to what makes Ifrah’s kitchen a stand-out and why should you be subscribing to it straight away!  

1. Home-made Healthy & Fresh Recipes

What’s better than having subscribed to a channel that offers you some delicious home-made fresh and super healthy recipes that you can instantly try?  Why waste your money eating out while you can find plenty of splendid home-made healthy & fresh recipes at Ifrah’s Kitchen? From Different Types Chicken Steak to Desi Chicken Biryani with scrummy Nutella Cookies, Ifrah’s Kitchen satisfies all your needs of having flavorful recipes on your finger-tips!

2. Crazy Variety

Probably the thing that you are going to LOVE about this channel is the exceptional variety it has to offer. Their scrumptious recipes contain cuisines from Indian, Pakistani, Continental, Mexian, Turkish, Arabic etc; as they live in UAE with multi-ethnic communities so they definitely have a good taste for all. 

For example, check out these mouth-watering recipes of Mexican Chicken Enchiladas, Raj Kachori  and all time famous Arabian Hummus followed by Indian Macaroni & Turkish Kebab  recipes.

3. New Video Every Week 

What to cook today? This question can win the award of The Most Frequently Asked Question In Every Household. 

Thinking everyday about what to cook can be a fatigue. You have to ensure that you are creating succulating dishes that everyone can enjoy. This is where Ifrah’s Kitchen comes into play to help you with the everyday-cooking ideas. They upload their brilliant recipes weekly so their subscribers always know what to cook today!

4. The Art of Presentation

Creating good dishes does not matter as long as it is not telling a story. A picture’s worth a thousand words, remember? My absolute favorite thing about this amazing food channel is the way Ifrah presents her recipes. Simple, creative yet very appealing art of food presentation.

See for yourself:

5. Quick, Easy and Hygienic recipes

As aforementioned, Ifrah is a pharmacist by profession and mommy to a cute little boy therefore maintaining Hygiene is her top-most priority always. She offers some easy to cook, hygienic and quick recipes that even a beginner can try!

Don’t believe me?  Check out this super-quick Energy Booser Carrot Juice that you can literally make in less than 3 minutes!!

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Brilliant Dishes With Minimum Ingredients

You can’t deny me of all these crazy mid-night cravings where you wish to have a scrumptious quick snack right in front of you to munch on. Oh but wait… Do we have the required ingredients? Wait what, WE DON’T?

Well, my friend, worry no more! Ifrah’s kitchen features some yummy dishes that require minimum ingredients to satisfy all your cravings without having to worry about the ingredient check-list. For instance check out this Coffee Milkshake with Chocolate & Almond recipe. Isn’t it divine and simple?

7. Creative Snack Ideas 

Whether mid-afternoon or first-thing in the morning, sometimes all you need is an energy-filled toothsome snack to give you that boost, right? Ifrah offers some creative snack ideas that you can not only try for your everyday-cravings but can also serve to the guests! For instance have a look at these appetizing Super Crunchy Thread Chicken & Pin Wheel Samosa recipes. The perfect snacks, right? You’re welcome.

8. Tips, tricks and brilliant hacks

Ifrah dots her recipe walk throughs with little tricks and tips that apply to regular home cooks. Her recipes contain secret ingredients which makes it harder to guess what had made the dish so yummy. For example, have a glance at this 

9. All Casual, No Fancy

One of the finest things about this channel is the way they portray themselves. Ifrah and her husband are very casual that certainly makes their viewers comfortable. They dictate the recipes in our native language Urdu which makes it even more easier to apprehend.

10. Breaking Stereotypes

The last and definitely the BEST thing about Ifrah’s channel is the way they are breaking the stereotype that cooking is meant for only for women. Throughout their video one can notice both the husband and wife are working together to curate delicious recipes and that’s simply adorable! Have a look:

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