“Hallo” Best App to learn English online Free

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By Maria B

There are many courses and apps available online to learn English free of cost. Some of the websites and apps are amazing. Udemy is one of the best websites to learn anything online especially the English language. Despite all the available online resources to learn English, practice is essential. You either need to attend any language institute or need to practice within your circle. I have been looking for such an app where I can practice all the mediums of language regularly. After all the efforts and searches, I finally found an amazing app “Hallo”. I have been practicing here for the last few months and improved a lot of English language skills here.

Hallo Best App to learn English online Free
“Hallo” Best App to learn English online Free

Without wasting any further second, Let me have you a short tour of this app. You will get to know the amazing features of this app. This will motivate you to learn English online with more confidence. Through this app, you can be practicing the area which is weak in your language skills.

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Where to download this app?

First, you need to download the app through the App Store or play store. The app name is “Hallo”.

Hallo App- Best English learning app online


Make your profile first?

Once you download it, it will take a few seconds to make your profile. You can write your brief introduction along with the profile image. It will help people learn more about you before interaction. 

“Levels” The best part of the motivation

You will see the different skills level which starts from 1 to 100. You will be given points for each activity you perform within the app, this will add points to your profile. The more points you earn higher will be the level. Certain points need to reach each level. This will keep you motivated by the time you spend on this app to learn and improve your English language skills. By reaching every level, you will be given extra benefits like the option to start your video calls, live streaming, video call with matching partners, etc. After completion of Level 100, you will be given an English proficiency certificate. How amazing it would be, you have to pay nothing here while you learn English through best practices.


Hallo App- Best English learning app online


Hallo App- Best English learning app online

Choice of using a matching partner to improve English spoken skills

This app will give you the liberty to choose the right partner to speak and improve English online. You will be shown the partner close to your level so that you both can get the same benefits.

Hallo App- Best English learning app online

Special learning categories

There are many categories available like… 

  • Culture
  • Speaking
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar

You can select anyone straightaway and start watching relevant videos immediately.

Hallo App- Best English learning app online
Selection of Teachers

There are many online instructors available, you can subscribe to any as per your choice. You can ask relevant questions while they would be online. You will be given notifications whenever they will be online for any lecture in advance. You can interact with them online by donating some coins which you can buy through this app but this would be optional.

Hallo App- Best English learning app online


They have recently launched Hallo premium version with 7 days free trials. If you are anxious to learn things quickly then buy the premium version. Premium benefits will be unlocked in advance without reaching certain levels.

Let me conclude here that these are my opinions about this app based on my personal experience. I am also not promoting it to earn an affiliate commission. If anyone will have any queries or questions, they can directly reach out to the app developer for any improvement required.