How to increase restaurant sale with smart app Like Arcadian Cafe

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By Maria B

Restaurants are among the worst affected sector in the current lockdown situation. Their owners around the world are raising their voices to avoid total collapse. It is the main source of bread and butter for thousands of people. If it would remain the least priority then thousands would suffer in the coming days. This industry couldn’t sustain further losses. Authorities must be taken care of it with immediate attention.

Some of the restaurants are still managing good sales through their online platforms. They are not satisfied with online sales which are covering 15-20% of their regular sales. But they believe to keep it continued for better survival instead of total shutdown. They are at least managing a little part of their operational expenses.

How to increase restaurant sale with smart app Like Arcadian Cafe

Arcadian Cafe Introduced Latest Menu and deals through Smart App and other online platforms 

Arcadian Cafe is one of the best examples to discuss in these tough days. Every good food brand, restaurants have their Facebook pages where they promote themselves. Their marketing and sales promotional materials keep themselves connected with their loyal customers. Some have their websites, some are using third-party platforms like Foodpanda, cheetay.

  • How people are being attracted through excellent food presentations in different parts of the world?

I am also the biggest fan of this cafe due to its food quality, taste, and large variety. I often visit Arcadian Cafe with family but in the lockdown situation, we couldn’t make it possible. While skimming through their Facebook page, we got to know about their app and some new arrivals. Their food presentation through excellent photography was amazing. They have shared the detail about their app and online ordering system. We were happy to download the app quickly, it was well designed with excellent user experience. From item selection to order delivery, everything was quick, food was freshly delivered.

We have discussed the high time to start an online business on our blog a couple of days ago. Such an excellent online platform by Arcadian Cafe is one of the best examples.

Let us show you the few glimpses of their app. There are many other restaurants and Cafes as well which are following the same path. we are sure that they are managing some sales through this online system. But still, there are small business owners who are still in the planning phase. Some of them didn’t have any idea about these platforms.

Customers need to visit App store / Play store to Download their app from their smart phones. 

Customers need to add their credentials one time only and then every time they will place orders with few clicks. 

Arcadian Cafe - Online ordering Food App
Arcadian Cafe - Latest Menu details
Arcadian Cafe - Online Food variety


This is the right time for all the restaurant owners to step forward, take initiative, and create the best online presence for their brand. This will help them to be connected with their loyal customers in such situations.


What Should Restaurant Owners Learn from Arcadian Cafe?


Many international food brands like KFC and MacDonald’s have already established themselves online. The local industry should make themselves flexible enough to adopt new trends. Small and medium-sized businesses should not be reluctant to adopt new technologies. Here is the list of points every business owner should learn:


  • Give new life to your social media pages
  • Should not be reluctant to launch new products even in a crisis situation
  • Make your presence on all possible online platforms
  • Guide customers for “How to place online orders”
  • Give Flexible payment options to your customers
  • Always deliver Fresh quality product
  • Always deliver product within committed time
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