How to become an effective contributor for Freepik and Shutterstock ?

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By Maria B

Are you a passionate photographer or a graphic designer? If yes then have you ever thought to make money online with your passion?

If not, then you are missing a big opportunity despite having a lot of online platforms to earn money with such skills.

How to become an effective contributor for Freepik and Shutterstock ?

If you are thinking about freelancing then yes, this is one of the ways to explore online earning opportunities for your relevant skills. But in this case, you are bound to work for others, need to restrict your creativity up to their requirements or demands. You may not feel satisfied with this kind of working online and probably you will quit it very soon. I am talking about online freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Peopleperhour or, etc.

But there are some websites where you can become a contributor and submit your creative work. You can earn money on each download. Some of the websites have very tough criteria to accept you as a contributor but once you will be accepted. There would be a lot of opportunities for you to show your talent to the millions of users online who visit those websites daily for their relevant items.

Below is the list of some websites but in today’s article, I will be discussing Shutterstock and freepik only. I will infact share my recent personal experience which will be very helpful for you in case you want to become a contributor for any of these websites.

Both Shutterstock and freepik have different criteria’s for contributors. I have been uploading my work on Shutterstock from the last two to three years but occasionally. Whenever I upload anything, I always learn a lot of new things that help me to correct my mistakes, especially in photography. Their AI-based system is quick and authentic, it always accepts the best quality work from the contributors.

In the case of freepik, They have strict criteria for contributors in which you will be given only two chances, and for each time, You must submit twenty of your best photos or illustrations at once. They have a manual process to check every photo as they claim. That’s why they take almost a week in the review process. I have tried my first attempt but couldn’t get any success. For my next turn, I have been working on different projects and will do best to be accepted this time. You can visit the freepik website and witness the quality of work there.

Both freepik and Shutterstock have a membership program for users which has a nominal fee but in return, members can get the best quality photos with proper license or source files.

Every download does not only incur money for contributors but also becomes a source of motivation for them. In my case, I have earned $4.38 so far but all my eleven downloads are a proof that people somewhere in the different parts of the world really liked my work. It keeps me motivated to share more and more work on this platform.

Shutterstock earning proof
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Top Performing photos on Shutterstock

As mentioned above, when I faced rejection for my first twenty images on freepik, I thought to upload the same images on Shutterstock. Surprisingly my twelve photos out of 20 have been accepted by Shutterstock.

Today I will share the screenshots of my rejections from both sites for your reference and learning.

I am sure it would be very helpful for you all while working on your portfolios.These points will keep you on the right track.

You can see below screenshots from my Shutterstock contributor account. Out of twenty submissions, twelve photos had been accepted. The detailed reasons have been mentioned in front of each photo for your better understanding. It becomes 60% approval rate whereas on Freepik, all these photos have been rejected by the company.

Shutterstock- Reasons of rejections
Shutterstock- Reasons of rejections
Shutterstock- Reasons of rejections
Shutterstock- Reasons of rejections

Below are screenshots from my Freepik contributor account where you can see that all my above pictures have been rejected by Freepik due to various reasons. You can check the detail description of of each rejection here.

In the end, I would recommend all those photographer or graphic designers who want to be a contributor for shutterstock or Freepik, download above screenshots and check the reason of rejection for each photo individually. It will help them to make necessary corrections in their projects practically before final submissions and hence it will increase their approval percentage.

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