Design Flyer for Beauty Salon in Canva

Canva is adding new elements and features to its platform frequently. Whenever I decide to create any design in Canva, I explore it deeply. I try to use and mix up different elements. Sometimes this practice generates results that motivate me to keep exploring Canva more and more.

In today’s article, I will share a video tutorial for one of the recent flyer designs that I created in Canva. Before you watch this video, I would request you to please go through the below mentioned some tricks which I have used while creating this design.

Tutorial 14 - Design Flyer for Beauty Salon in Canva

All the elements used in this design are available in Canva. If you are not using a pro version then I would recommend you to avail of their 30 days free trial period and have full freedom to know about Canva.

  • The Shinny star used in this design can be downloaded from Canva element library. 
  • For the yellow brushstroke in the center of the design, First, you need to download it as PNG transparent file and then need to re-upload it to apply adjustment as per the below screenshot.

Tutorial 14 - Design Flyer for Beauty Salon in Canva

  • I have applied two-tone gradients at the end of the design, move this gradient backward until you bring it to the top of background.
  • When you will complete this design, Download it as JPG. Use the Instagram post size and upload it here. Go to element and select rectangle shape, apply a suitable color for this shape as well as for the background. Increase the size of this shape a bit more than the original JPG image and move it backward. Now increase the brightness for this shape, blur it, and reduce the transparency to achieve the shadow look as shown in the final flyer.

Design Flyer for Beauty Salon in Canva

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