How to create a GIF in Canva ?

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By Maria B

We can create GIFs (Graphical Interchange Format) in Canva

Find more details about this format here. These are a mix of static and animated images or elements. You can use them to express some feelings or to add more value to your social media posts. It attracts the attention of people in many ways. 

In today’s article, I will show the GIF which I have recently created in Canva. The most important part here is to observe the use of animated elements and color changes between the same designs on different slides. It’s up to you to decide about the elements or color you need to keep static and for which you need to show the variation. 

In my suggestion, You need to focus on the main parts of your design that needs to catch the immediate attention of your audience. 

Tutorial 15 - How to create a GIF in Canva ?
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How to create a GIF in Canva?

Step 1- In the first step,  you need to finalize your design. Below is the design I created for GIF. 

Before I move forward, let me tell you the elements I used for this design.

  • For background rays – Search the keyword “Swirl Icon” in the elements section. Apply it on top of the background color and reduce the transparency to 16
  • Write “animated doodles” for moving line under text “Burger” as well as under the main photo showing the direction towards “Order Now” which is our main focus point here.
  • For the main text, I have used the Font “Checkin Texture” and applied the text effect as per the below screenshot.
Tutorial 15 - How to create a GIF in Canva ?
  • For the dotted line, use the keyword “Doted outline” in the element section.
  • For shape under the “order now” button, Use the keyword “Oval gradient shape”.

Step -2 – Once you create your master design, Save / Download it in GIF format. 

If you want to add more variation in your design then play with colors of different elements in your design or add more animations. In this design, I created a second slide and changed the colors of the “swirl icon” and text “Order now” and save it in GIF. Keep the timing or each slide 1 or 2 seconds maximum.

Tutorial 15 - How to create a GIF in Canva ?
Slide -2-

Below is the final result.


Right now, Canva is not supporting item to item animation. You either need to use the separate animated element or need to animate your slide as a whole. We hope that canva will add this feature very soon in the future.