How to Create a reflection shadow in Canva?

Yes, you can easily create reflection shadows in Canva by following a few simple steps. Though this technique may not be fully workable for 3D or diagonal images but still with a little adjustment, you can give an eye-catching look to your designs. I have used the same technique in one of my tutorials for “Design flyer in Canva for event announcement”.

Let’ start with the steps…

How to Create a reflection shadow in Canva?

Tutorial 16- How to Create a reflection shadow in Canva?

Step 1- You first need to make sure that your image must be in PNG (Transparent) format with no background. If you have a pro account then you only need to click on the tab “Effects” and then by using the background removal option, You can easily remove the background. Otherwise, you can use remove. bg for this purpose separately. 

Step 2- Upload your PNG file again in Canva.

Step 3- Make a copy of this image.

Step 4- Flip it vertically. Adjust it exactly under your master image.

Step 5- Reduce the transparency of copy up to 50% or more.

Step 6- This step is optional and required only in case you need to add a blur effect at bottom of your reflection. To add this effect, Go to elements, write the keyword “Blurr Dot”. You will see a lot of blur effect options. Use any one of them. Use Filters or adjustments to change the color of this blur as per your background color requirement. 

Tutorial 16- How to Create a reflection shadow in Canva?

Step 7- This step is also optional and can be used only if you need to add some special effects to your reflection.  For this purpose, ( Go to elements- Select screen- Apply any suitable effect), I have used canvas effect for one of the designs to achieve a bricks look. You can see further details here. “Design social media ad for builder”.

Tutorial 16- How to Create a reflection shadow in Canva?

You have done with it. Now you will be able to create reflection shadows in your design using the canva platform 🙂 

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You can ask us any further questions in the comments section. We would be happy to help you. 

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