How To Create Zoom In and Out effect in Videos using Canva ?

Zoom in or Zoom out effects can be created in videos while using Canva. You first need to understand the trick of the stop motion effect. The only difference in my video for zoom in and out is that I did not use any animation. I have added duplicate slides, changed the position of some elements in each slide, and adjusted the timing of each slide by 0.2 seconds.

If you are not familiar with Stop motion video and never created such videos in Canva then check this post in the Facebook group “Canva design circle”. It was a challenge organized by Ronny Hermosa with the name The Stopmotion #Canvachallenge. Ronny is a great instructor of Canva designs. if you are new to Canva then I would strongly recommend his Udemy course. He is the master of Canva and let me assure you that after completion of this course, You will feel the same for yourself.

How To Create Zoom In and Out effect in Videos using Canva ?

Before watching the below video, read the below points carefully.

  • First, add the required elements to your design. I have shown all the relevant keywords in this video for each element.
  • Group some elements wherever require in your design.
  • In my video, I grouped mouse pointer and a small line so that I can move them together.
  • Move the pointer slightly in each slide. You can use the option of arrow keys with shift button to move it pixel-wise for better results.
  • While moving from plus sign to negative sign to create zoom out effect, keep reducing the font size in each slide like I reduced 5 or 10 in each slide for text 2020.
  • Do the above two steps till fifteen slides but this is just for this design. For your designs, You need to follow these rules as per your requirement.
  • Now start moving the pointer on the lower bar from minus sign to plus and use the same trick for pointer and text 2021 as mentioned above.
  • On the last slide, I added the fireworks video with reduced transparency as shown in the image. I trimmed the video as well to reduce the overall length of the whole video.
  • Finally, save all the slides at once in MP4 format.

Run the video and see the magic 😊

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