How to win one year Canva pro free subscription ?

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By Maria B

I had joined the Canva Facebook group in Jun 2020 when this group had around 20K members. It is growing very fast, and today in Jan 2021, it is almost touching 50K members. By passing every day, this group is getting more popular. Every day we see many creative designs submitted by various Canva designers from different parts of the world. Many designers share design tips and tricks. Canva designs tutorials or link to the learning material is also available in this group.

One of the features of this group is that they organize a competition almost every month. From Jun 2020 till Jan 2021, I have seen Four/Five different design competitions under #Canvachallenge. The frequency of such challenges is getting high due to the addition of many new members daily.

How to win one year Canva pro free subscription ?

Initially, their prize was “Full one-year Canva pro subscription” but later, they have changed it into three prizes.

The first place is getting a full one-year subscription. The second will get the same for six months. The third one will enjoy it for three months only.

When I had joined this group, I saw the competition related to stop motion videos. I have explained this technique in my article here. I could not participate in this challenge but I learned so many new things with this competition.

Then after a few weeks, I saw another competition that was to design a movie poster. I participated but could not win in the presence of some extraordinary designs.

How to win one year Canva pro free subscription ?
My Entry to Movie Poster competition 

kept on trying and participated in the third competition that was for the 2021 card, this time my friends Kelechi and James, both are the heroes of this group, won the competition along with Jo-Ann P.

How to win one year Canva pro free subscription ?
How to win one year Canva pro free subscription ?

At the start of Jan, I saw Edy (Admin of Canva Design Circle) shared details for another competition that was to design the 2021 vision board. I again took part in this challenge as I never lose hope. Finally, in my third participation, I won the challenge with second prize. That was an achievement for me to stand second out of so many brilliant submissions. Such activities also help us to learn more and more and motivate us a lot towards our goals.

How to win one year Canva pro free subscription ?
My submission in Vision Board Challenge

Are you working as a canva designer?, want to win a Canva pro subscription so remember the below points.

  • Keep an eye on Canva challenges within the group.
  • Fully participate in every competition and participle with your best submissions.

Keep designing and inspire the world 😊