How did I Express my love to wife with Canva?

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By Maria B

Do we need any particular day to celebrate our love for someone special in our life?

I believe your answer would be “No” and I also back the same thought. If we love someone then we need to express it unconditionally. Yes, fixing it with a particular day shows a condition of expressing it with some particular day or time.

I have not been so much expressive though I love my wife I always try to reveal my feeling to her through different mediums. We do dine-ins, traveling or watching series together even sometimes just to keep her happy, I go with her side despite being busy with other chores.

Recently, I have written poetry for my wife. (I AM NOT A POET 😊)

My wedding anniversary is in March so I wanted to express my love with something special.

But I didn’t wait for this day and shared my feelings with her. She loved it and wanted to get it printed.

How did I Express my love to wife with Canva ?


Then I thought to share it again using my Canva design expertise. Canva is so beautiful and easy to use platform for any kind of business or occasion. You can design anything anywhere using their app and the final results would always amaze you.

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I just used some elements to create this design. You can create anything similar to this, I am sharing the keywords for all these elements.


  • Basic square with a Drop shadow (If you need any other shape, then just change the word square in the elements section)
  • Shinny 3D Red Heart
  • Red Shimmery Tape (Added drop shadow from photo section under edges)
  • Crumpled paper Background
  • Rose corner border
  • Search tear paper photos from the photo section and use background removal options before using it in your design over the crumpled paper.
  • Fonts – Dancing script & Belleza

If you love this design and my poetry as well 😊 then wish us happy married life. I will show your comments to my wife. She is such a kind and soft-hearted lady would be very happy to see your comments.

See below the second version of my design where I just changed the rose with the real rose image (png).

How did I Express my love to wife with Canva ?