How to use circle gradient creatively in Canva ?

Gradients are one of the elements in graphic designs which can easily add professionalism to your designs. Canva has plenty of premade gradients available in their element’s library. If you will scroll through the template library, you will find the usage of these gradients in different creative ways.

How to use circle gradient creatively in Canva ?

While exploring the canva element library recently, I have found “circle gradient”. I have used this element in two of my design and observe that it can be used in plenty of other ways. Your creative approach can lead your mind with more creativity with circle gradient. This is a FREE element that means you don’t need to have the pro canva account but still you will have the option to avail 30 days free trial period as offered by Canva for their pro version.

Below is the design I have created for my client who has a baking business. Overall, I had created five templates for the same series and this design was one of the different concepts fitted in the same category.

How to use circle gradient creatively in Canva ?
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The second design was my business card where I used this element, you can learn more about creating a business card in canva in my other tutorial.

How to use circle gradient creatively in Canva for business card ??

  • To find circle gradient, you simply need to write the keyword “circle gradient” in the search bar of elements section. See the below snippet for your quick reference. 
How to use circle gradient creatively in Canva ?
  • One of the beauties of this element is that you can change the colors as per your design need.
  • Reduce the transparency of this gradient to achieve a better 3D circle look.
  • Selection of colors for this element as well as for background is very important so use them correctly to see better results. I would suggest you try different color options as I have shown below the video.
  • You can even crop the circle in half to attain half circle 3D look.

If you have learned something new then write in the comments. I would love to know about your experience using this element in your design.

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