How to Create Grid Mockup in Canva ?

In this tutorial, You will learn how to create a grid mockup in canva with a simple and easy technique.

How to Create Grid Mockup in Canva ?

These mockup designs can be used to portray your portfolio or to sell your products on Etsy / creative markets. 

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Create Grid mockup for Social media post designs in Canva

Step 1– First upload all your designs as images in canva.

Step 2 – Place them all on the slide in a sequence and then group them all.

Step 3 – Rotate the grouped images into the diagonal direction or you can keep it straight as per your choice.

Step 4– Now apply shadow from the “effects – shadows” section on each image.

Designing with light and shadow: 10 highly effective tips you should try [with case studies]

Step 5 – You have created a mockup, Now apply any rectangle shape on top of the mockup to write your portfolio detail or product description.

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