Create Next Level Designs with Canva Gradients

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By Maria B

There are many ways to add gradients in Canva. All the methods are very easy, especially for those who are a novice in the graphic design field.

A gradient is a merging between two or more colors or within the same color family like tints or shades of the same color. A gradient is also one of the main design principles that create depth in our designs.

You can create eye-catching and next-level canva images and designs with the help of Canva gradients.

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Create Next Level Designs with Canva Gradients

In this tutorial, I will provide answers to some questions related to canva gradients. This would be your complete guide to gradients in Canva.

How to Add a gradient in Canva?

There are two ways to add gradients in Canva. You can add through the photo section or select any appropriate gradient from the elements section.

For this purpose, Go to Photos or Elements – Write the keyword “Gradients”. You will see plenty of options for gradients. You can further refine your search through filters to get the best suitable gradients of your choice. For Example, you need a red color gradient with a square shape and free version then select these options in the filters and press “apply”. Canva will show the best available options in this category.

If you need gradients of any particular shape or style then add the keyword of your requirement in the search bar along with the gradient. For example, if you need any blob gradient then write the keyword “Blob Gradient” in search.

How to make a gradient background in Canva?

Select any suitable gradient from Canva photo, Elements, or through Background section and use it as the background of your design. You can play with transparency for any gradient, also have multiple options in filters, effects and photo edits to change the appearance of your gradients. You can create multicolor backgrounds for your designs with this method.

Create Next Level Designs with Canva Gradients

How to Create gradient lines and frames in Canva?

There are many great options available in the Canva elements section for gradient lines and Frames. You can select an option based on your design requirements. You can also change the colors of your gradient lines and frames for many options. For this purpose, see the top color palette bar if any particular gradient has an option for color change or not.

Create Next Level Designs with Canva Gradients

How to Create gradient Text in Canva?

To add gradients into text, select Letter frames from the Canva elements section and put your gradient image inside of each letter frame. You can use the same technique to create letters with texture.

Create Next Level Designs with Canva Gradients

How to Create solid to transparent gradients in Canva?

To create a gradient in the canva that fades to transparent, first select a fade to transparent gradient from the canva elements section. Now change the color of one gradient matching to your background and keep the second color white. Adjust this gradient on top of your main design. Watch the video below for your better understanding.

Create Next Level Designs with Canva Gradients

How to make a custom gradient in Canva?

Follow the below steps to create custom gradients in Canva.

Step 1 – Select a rectangular shape from canva elements or any suitable shape of your requirement.

Step 2 – Change the color of the shape with your required color. For example, we keep the color RED. Now duplicate it and slightly decrease the color tone for this copy. Place both the shapes side by side and download this slide.

Step 3– Upload this slide as an image and apply the Blur effect. Your custom gradient is ready.Create Next Level Designs with Canva Gradients

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How to choose a gradient color for any design project in Canva?

The right selection of any gradient for any particular design is important in graphic design. You can create an appealing design or give an inspirational look to your designs without a proper selection of colors or themes. Below are some gradient palettes that you may need for your next graphic or web design projects. To know more about each color palette for each below mentioned category, check this post on Instagram.

  1. Moment & Joy
  2. Trust & Confidence
  3. Love & Passion
  4. Joy & Happiness
  5. Softness & Touch
  6. Dull & Mute
  7. Nature & Growth
  8. Royal & Bravery
Create Next Level Designs with Canva GradientsCreate Next Level Designs with Canva Gradients

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