How to Create a Website in Canva with Few Steps ?

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By Maria B

You heard it right! Yes, you can make a website in Canva with just a few steps.

Now you can share your business profile, design portfolio, product or services details, etc to your clients through websites created in Canva. Though web design and development process is quite hectic for a non techy person but Canva has made the new website creation process very easy for everyone on their amazing platform.

How to Create a Website using Canva with Few Steps ?

Follow below simple steps to make a website in Canva.

Step 1 – Write the keyword “website” in the Canva Search bar. You will see plenty of predesigned canva web templates. You can select any suitable for your brand or business based on your niche or filter your search further through the options given at the left bar. You can choose from Styles, Themes and colors, etc.

canva web templates

Step 2 – After choosing the website template, edit it with your brand or business details. Let me share an example of my website that I created in Canva to share my canva design tutorials, design portfolio, and the link to my YouTube channel and creative market shop.

Step 3 – 

How to Add a Link in Canva for your website?

To create clickable links or buttons on the Canva website. Follow the below steps.

  • Select the text where you want to apply the link.
  • Click on the hyperlink sign on the top bar of your canva window and add your URL. See the below snippet for your quick understanding.
add clickable link in canva

You can add all the external links to your website. i.e social media pages, shops, portfolios, or YouTube channels in this method. All the links will be clickable once you publish your website with canva.

Step 4 – Final step, Press the button at the right top corner “Publish as website”. Before publishing your website, Canva will ask you whether you want your domain or go with the canva domain. You can go with either option. Canva also provides you the opportunity to purchase your custom domain through their platform.

After choosing your domain, You need to add your website description and publish it for your audience.

publish website using canva

publish website using canva

Your free website on Canva is ready.

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